PCs: Artix, Isaac, Ragnar, Naga, Targ, Galt, Skrak, Hadarai, Jax

A storm did come towards Ruined Oak, as we there discussing how to proceed with the threat of the Deep Ones. We ran out towards the pier, to see what was going on. Isaac summoned an earth elemental, as we saw a aquatic looking creature emerge from the lake, charging with malicious intend towards us.

Skrak tried to control the storm and and use it against this creature, while he controlled some part of it, it did not look like he was in fully control over it, as ice shards came from th sky falling on us and the buildings. Hadarai went down and some of the group looked quite green, it seemed they there at the wrong place at the wrong time. Most of us started running inside the buildings to avoid future Ice Shards, while I myself and Ragnar stood our ground outside. With the help of his holy Aura the storm couldn’t do much to us.

I healed Hadarai back up so he could find some shelter, but that stubborn fool staid atop of a roof and started shooting at the creature as a second one appeared together with Deep Ones, including a larger Deep One, seeing him at the top of the roof This foul creature channeled lightning towards Hadarai, not only frying him dead but also spreading towards Skrak and Galt, sending Galt to the ground.

Isaac’s earth elemental hold off the common deep Deep Ones while he was blinking in and out of existence and we thought the aquatic creatures. Naga healed Galt as we send one of the creatures to the ground. To our surprise, it stood up again shortly after. While we send it down multiple times, while defending others like it off, it keeped coming back. Artix screamed something about poison, that might help to kill them, but the only one capable of doing such was Skrak who transformed into a bear, as he was quite wounded.

The creatures landed some good blows on Ragnar, but I was able to keep him healed. We fought them off for a little as Galt and Targ came to help us. Galt had another trick that could help, a chilling touch but he missed the creature as another one of that lightning wielding Deep Ones appeared throwing another lightning towards me. While it did nothing to me it chained then to Ragnar, Targ, and Galt. While Ragnar and Targ could evade most of it thanks to Ragnar’s holy aura of, Galt moved too far away and the Lightning hit him to its fullest frying him as it did to Hadarai.

Isaac saw that we struggled keeping the creatures down, and disintegrated one of their down lying   bodies. while the earth grappled and dragged another one around, finally punching it through the wall of the building where Artix and Skrark though of another of those things. Isaac then started to throw fireballs against the two remaining Deep Ones. They didn’t like those and started to flee, as Skrak came back to his normal form and started throwing some poison towards the remaining creatures.

We searched the remains of those creatures, finding some Gold and a few gems and i prayed to Eldath to heal us all a bit. sadly there was not much left of our poor fellows who died but Artix, Skrak and myself brought their remains to the graveyard.