Gathering at the Axe-N-Thistle

DM: Geo


Leader: Don | 6 Cleric

Scout: Bardy | 4 Bard 1 Cleric

Trailblazer: Twee | 5 Ranger 

Eight | 6 Monk 2 Wizard

Lashi | 8 Monk

Quinn & Valor | 7 Ranger & Animal Companion

Nahil | 5 Sorcerer 2 Warlock

Tingork | 5 Ranger 2 Rogue

Abel | 6 Paladin

Hillval | 6 Cleric

Lellara | 6 Sorcerer

Zerdan | 6 Ranger

Daffodil | 6 Wizard

Tor | 5 Ranger

Karn | 5 Barbarian

Scritch | 5 Fighter

Glanfath | 5 Barbarian

Poindexter | 4 Fighter


Mission: Defend the Blood-Eye Clan…. the village and its people from the Gnoll Offensive

To the Blood-Eye

Looking around I noticed a bunch of new faces and some of those familar to me. I however was the only one here to defend the Gory Crossroads and I reminded my mates that the Gnolls gola is to take this place but also make anyone think twice about being our friends… let alone an ally. We had a group of archers, some who like to get down and dirty, healers and some ranged support casters. This looked like an interesting mix to bring and I felt more confident as we moved toward the village. Along the way we saw Grim patroling the road east of the crossroads.

Grim informed us they were holding up fine and asked if we were heading to defend the Blood-Eye. We infact were and our conversation stayed short as we set up camp for the planning to arrive at Blood-Eye Village the next day. The night went by in another errie calm… almost as if animals, beasts and other creatures knew the area might become a flood of Gnolls. We woke the next morning and headed off to the Blood-Eye and Met with thier leader. 

We had a quick conversation asking again if they would be willing to evacuate the village and they declined. Very proud group indeed here as they had some warg riders and a lot of commoners.  We set up defensive measures at the front gates and the archers took to the walls for watch. I was on the east side of the walls for my watch…

Attack in the Night

According to the third watch the drums picked up and a fog rolled in as we movement to the nrotheast.Zerdan let an arrow fly witha light spell on it and we saw some flashes of movement as it landed. And our estimate of hundreds as not off at all. Groups of gnolls were moving quickly across the plains and firing arrows on to us on the ramparts. 

As the yran towards us boulders from catapults and a giant ballista bolt that radiated an anti-magic field around it were hurled towards the village. Things seemed to be going slowlyand then all of a sudden there was a cultists and a Gnoll Deathknight in the village bypassing the walls. 


Nahil “Commander” the Hobgoblins commoners move the ballista bolt as teh rest of us turned on to the threat inside the walls. The cultist fell quickly, but this particular type of gnoll was much harder to bring down. They used this tactic of teleporting in one more time. By this time the hordes of gnolls started climbing and breaching the walls. They seemed to by pass us and go after the hobgoblins unless forced to fight us directly. We discovered the balista were being shot from the northwest, but had to handle inside of the village walls before turning our attention outside of it. The Gnolls began to massacre hobgoblin commoners and wargs. We got the situation under control after a few fireballs and a shatter.  Then we headed northwest… as a darkness rolled over that area. When we arrived the ballistas were gone with ogre footprints in the ground heading north. 

The Way Home

We slept the rest of the night… not sure if they were just repositioning or if it was a tactical withdraw. Morning broke and cleaned up the battlefield gathering what was useful to take home and keep away from gnolls scavanging in the future.  We also figured out that they were using familars inside the village to help them target easier. The birds must have arrived in the fog and we never noticed. Confident in a full withdraw at this point we spoke to the chief about his futur plans. The Blood-Eye will not be retreating or leaving the village. They would rather die in their home than have to rebuild it or have the gnolls occupy it. That choice is theirs to make… it does not mean that we cannot try find other ways of getting the mreinforcements.  I have had multiple talks with the Wisehoof Centaurs and I have heard rumors of possible friendly kobolods in Neathy’s Woods as well as Wise Woman Qwendolyn who maybe ableto offer some ideas. Possibly ways to bolster the villages defenses without using too many AFK resources. 


We left them with a victory for the time being, but their village is a center point of the battlefield and the gnolls may not take that lose so easily.