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As we expand across the wilderness Mistress Darcy has graced us with the gift of financing the construction of a Outpost near WMC for our safety and wellbeing. In a vain attempt to not be out staged by a real leader, Candle Keep will be funding a Outpost near RO See


What is a Outpost you ask?

Frontier Outposts are building that can be build along the road 8 hexes away from town and 8 hexes away from each other. They are placed on the 8th hex.

They prevent random encounters while long resting there, they cost 5000 GP and take 15 days to build and require 1 session.

They are Pay per use
1 GP per Creature (2x per node away from town)
1st in Chain – 1 GP per Creature (8 hexes)
2nd in Chain – 2 GP per Creature (16 hexes)
3rd in Chain – 4 GP per Creature (24 hexes)
4th in Chain – 8 GP per Creature (32 hexes)
5th in Chain – 16 GP per Creature (40 hexes)

We will need to pick both a name and location, First up Darcy’s gift.

White Moon Cove

Near WMC there are currently 3 possible build spots

A: South West of WMC is a road that is intended to circumvent the swamp

Building here would support plans to carve a path south, ultimacy to get around the mountains though the path know as the “Right way” https://miro.com/app/board/o9J_kxoc9MM=/?moveToWidget=3074457347111395932

B: North West of WMC is a road that is intended to North past the Tempest plains

Building here would support plans to carve a path North to push into the Jubai Waste’s and beyond https://miro.com/app/board/o9J_kxoc9MM=/?moveToWidget=3074457347111379316

C: North East of WMC is a small stretch of land

Building here would serve as a bulwark/early warning system to anything coming form the are to the North East

Some Recommended names for the Tower Darcy is gifting us have been”Spider’s reach”, “Atypoides riversi”, “Darcy’s Gift”

Ruined Oak

Near Ruined Oak there are currently only two viable build spots

1: West of RO is a road into the wilderness

building here would be the first Outpost on a planed chain to climb NW inorder to explore that path (Second planed outpost on that path is the pink circle)

2: East of RO is the road heading back to WMC

building here would support the interior of our ‘controlled’ area, and give a Outpost very close to our druid friends of silent woods.

Some Recommended names for the RO towers have been “CAPN TOWER”, “Blood Gulch Outpost Number 1”

Direct Democracy Vote

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