DM: Oatsy
PCs: Dumas, Karash, Lidian, Ridge Walker, Gotri, Bill
Written by Karash

Cyclops Clyde who I met while adventuring the mountains has problems in his homestead, some sort of demon infestation. So a group of brave adventurers gathered and headed out to help him. Arriving at a large house near a lake we met Clyde and his friends Petunia and Dahlia, they escorted us to a house with a deep and dark hole in the basement. The descent into the hole was long and weird, the hole was like 300 feet deep. Midway through the descent there was a shift and it started feeling like we were climbing back up but in reality we were still going down.

At the end of the rope we found narrow corridors and demons waiting, and some weird book with letters DUD but that isn’t important. There were these little burrowing bastards that exploded in acid when they died. There was angry gorilla looking demon, hit really hard. There was a alligator looking one, bit really hard. Later we found some shadows and shadow demon, they really hurt my head and sapped my strength. Poor Ridge died to these shadows. To our shame we fled that cursed place after Ridge but Gruumsh willing I will return!