DM: KCutajar
PCs: Stix, Jibb, Aldwin, Uzza, Baxter, Jax

Arriving at the Party.
I was a little late and the group went out without me. I hurried up, after i got my club to cooperate, following me into destroying a rot marker. and reached Stix’s group just in time, before they approached the rot-marker north of Ruined Oak. I told them to hold up for a moment, suppressed the effect of the Rot for a bit on Uzza and myself, and warded Baxter, Uzza, Aldwin and my self from death. The marker was surrounded by its usual magic deflecting bubble and uncountable dead bodies were piled up inside. With all the persuasion needed to get my club to do what I want, I forgot to prepare Dispel Magic. So we had to move through the bubble and as we did I summoned my spirit guardians to be prepared.

Meeting the Duke of fever
As we were entering, we saw a figure in dark plate armor standing tall on a large pile of dead bodies. Stix was Questioning him about what sort of Party he had here. The Figure, stating to be the Duke of fever, confidently talked to us, as we might be the next “guests” to his party. When Stix asked straightforward “if he intends to kill us”, He Responded with “maybe or maybe not” and offered us to burry our self. Stix lost it to this answer and screamed at the Duke how he could so disrespectful and that he will die now.

The end of the Duke
I quickly rushed towards the duke, and let him say hello to my spirit guardians, while letting the Bells Ring for him and shielded his attacks.He was a bit overconfident, and did not last long, but there were more creatures. vile tentacle figures and raised dead rot-bodies. They tried to dispel my guardians but failed and i made sure to keep them inside while the others fought well. The Duke was hard to hit but against my magic he was hopeless and together with Aldwin he quickly went down. and we could concentrate on the tentacle creatures.

The return of the slivers
We felt the earth beneath us shaking and rot infected slivers emerged from the ground. One of them emerged inside my spirits and got obliterated, but the rest stayed at a distance and thought the others, While I was still occupied with the raised dead bodies. Although, how much they tried, they could not harm me. Aldwin smote the first Sliver with divine force and It took not long after we finished of the last raised body and the last of the sliver.

Destroying the Rot-Marker
While Stix searched all the dead bodies I started working on the Marker, hitting it with my Club, after it finally followed my orders, but did not make much Progress. Uzza polymorphed Baxter into a Spinosaurous and in that form, he destroyed the marker in several minutes. While the Marker got more and more damaged some bodies where soaked into it and then it finally fell,
I could make out some spiral Lightning near Ruined Oak and the Rot-force went out to flow to the next marker somewhere in the distance.

Venturing back To Ruined Oak
We made a bit of distance between us and the destroyed tower and all the dead bodies around, and camped for the night. As usual Eldath provided us with food and water and I infused my self with lightning. Besides an ankylosaur, who after grassing for a bit, quickly left after sensing the destroyed marker and the mass of dead bodies still near, the night went by uneventful. The Journey back to Ruined Oak also was a peaceful trip, we passed another group of ankylosaurs and  found some tracks to the west near Ruined Oak. There might be a Lair nearby, but for now we just wanted to get home, as destroying those markers is exhausting.