A unique event where Needs to Play get a welcome to Sleeper Island event.

Players with characters that have already touched the mainland can make temporary characters to join in on the fun!

This goal is to have between 10-25 players.
This will be a Fantasy Grounds session.


  • You use your needs to play character (Character that hasn’t played a session yet)
  • If you do not have a needs to play character you can make a temporary character
  • Temporary characters are made at level 2 with 0 XP using heroic array
  • Temporary characters can not be made with playtest classes
  • Temporary characters that survive will be put on ice for your next slot if you wish to use them*
  • Maximum of 2 characters is allowed

*Temporary character must be your next character when you have an available slot.
You can retire your current character or unlock another slot by reaching level 10 or 8 with Patreon.
If you make another character you forfeit the Shipwreck event character and any XP and loot you acquired during the shipwreck event.


The boat to White Moon Cove from Candlekeep got lost in a storm and the newbies needs to make their way to White Moon Cove where ever they might have arrived.
This hard survival session will have them salvage what they can from the wreckage and try to survive while making their way back to White Moon Cove.

  • Will they all die horrible deaths on their way back?
  • Will they resort to cannibalizing the dead to satisfy their hunger?
  • Will they go the wrong way?
  • Will they discover new lands?
  • Will they do drown before making the shoreline?
  • Will they be eaten before making the shoreline?


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