DM: DGM, Player: Lard. Player Character: Yibble. We head out in the morning with pleasant weather. Guards greet us keeping their distance. We get to the portal with no delay. The stones are placed, and we head through the portal. On entry some of us get wounded from the cold, including me, Yibble. Don heals me and some others. Cally also heals some party members. We are surrounded by swamps. We find a stone staircase going down the hill. We take a quick short rest on the hill before advancing further. Don finds scribbles on the staircase. I use comprehend languages on the scribbles and it says “The land is sacred, treat it with respect.” We find more scribbles, the next one says “A friend came and went, she knew our script, may she find my garden in peace.” We decide to head to the mountains, before that I feel more words in Druidic, “Many call these lands home, prey, predator, all live in the protected cycle. If my friend from the glowing circle reads my text, be careful on your travels.” also “I wander my garden and slumber in the lillypad fields where we met.” These words are magically written in moss, it appears. We start our travel southwest to the mountains. We burn half the day trekking through the thick marshes. We notice a large tree sitting in a pool of water. We find a small creature that we have trouble identifying, we think it is a pixie or a sprite. We move on. We head westward. We travel further into the swamp and start setting up camp. Tor and Cally went hunting while we camped. They foraged a centipede for our meal. We set up a fire to cook it. We begin to sleep, taking turns on watch. A huge centipede/mantis-like creature approaches, it attacks us, most of the party is still asleep. Cally yells and fails to wake up a good chunk of the party. All the party members have awakened. As the creature approaches death, it turns invisible. It reappears and we slay it. The creature turned out to be intelligent, as it had the ability to speak. We find a dark grey stone with red flecks and a container of some liquid, also 50 platinum coins. The container in the liquid seems to be bird stew. During the rest, a monster bursts out of the water and surprises us. The worm-like creature nearly kills the whole party but we prevail, and strike it down. We find some gems from the corpse as well, along with 270 more platinum pieces, 2000 gold pieces. The party decides to bury the creature and we start heading back to the portal. We make it back to town and try and figure out what to do with the bodies. Magic is used to speak to our dead friends and gather their wishes of if they want to come back or not. The three dead party members all get reincarnated for a cost of 3000 gold. The journey is concluded.