Looking for a Potential Gnomish Assistance

DM: Tam

Party: Faenoa – Leader

              Shrieker – Scout

              Zugall – Trailblazer


              Ram Marl


Portal Troubles....

The party left White Moon Cove in the homes to meet and talk to the dinosaur gnome riders that are just north of the Re – Hope dwarfs. We took the portal over to Ruined Oak, myself and Yuna fell unconscious in the process due to the frost we received through walking through the portal. Luckily our parties healed us and brought us back to the living. Due to some of the party members being very hurt we decided it would be safe to head to the town of ruined oak to rest and recover from the portal travel.

Is that a horse?

The next day we headed out first thing and headed south to the bridge that heads west to the mountain range due west. We spotted a beautiful white horse on the shore of the river, Faenoa and I wanted to approach it and try to be friendly with it. As soon as we got closer to the horse it transformed into a green slime covered horse that was very hostile. The horse bit and grabbed Faenoa and began to drag her away and attempted to bring her into the river with the beast. The party and I were able to slay the beast prior to it dragging her away. We headed due east after this small encounter and stopped by the dwarfish trading post at the base of the mountain range that is the home of the Re-Hope Dwarfs.  We browsed and chatted with the shop keeper prior to leaving and continuing up the road north to the location of the gnomes.

Flying Kitties!!

We camped halfway up the road and then the next morning as we traveled further up north, we came in contact with two flying cat beasts that beam hostile towards us. Unfortunately, several party members only use melee weapons so only half the party were able to hit the fly creatures. Over time we were able to pick off the beasts and slay them, we cut their bodies open to find treasures of their previous victims. We traveled up a little further and camped on the forest border where the location of the gnomes were supposed to live.

A New Friend

The next morning we headed into the forest to find the potential new allies. Through some miss reading of the map by myself it too the party a little longer to find the fellow gnomes. We heard some strange animal sounds near the party, through some old skills I have learned from my previous adventures I was able to mimic the animal noises and attract the creature. When the beast got closer we found out it was one of the gnome dinosaur riders patrolling the woods. We found out her name was Cindermint and  would be more than happy to bring us back to talk to the other tribe members to discuss potential war alliances.

A New Ally??

We headed back to their small settlement and talked to their leader who was not a gnome but a human who went by the name of Captain Moorilton. He said their settlement’s name was the New Hope Gnomes that are based off of mainly gnomes that are local to the forests and follow their ancestor’s knowledge of taming dinosaurs. They use dinosaurs that have been passed through the generations by their ancestors and are in currently in the possession of six ankylosaurus. All six dinos are tamed and help them clear the area surrounding the area to make sure there are no hostile enemies that try to attack them. They said their head dino tamer goes by the name Felix but he was out patrolling and we could talk to him tomorrow in regards to potential assistance in the Gnoll war. We camped with our new friends and waited till the morning to met Felix.

Dino Master

The next morning we woke I went over to the dino pen that Cindermint was at feeding her dino which went by the name Duke and learnt the basics of different dinos to avoid and one that could be potential to tame and possibly train. Amid talking to Cindermint, Felix came back to the settlement. We went over to him and talked about the potential of getting reinforcements. He discussed to us that they are very tight on people and they are trying to grow and that they have an extremely limited amount of dinos to spare and or lend. In conclusion he said the best he could do would be lend a few riders and no more than 4 dinos to us for the potential war but this could not be guaranteed.  He said this could in a few days if able to be assisted. He also mentioned that they have very little fighters at all and if they did supply assistance to us that it could potentially leave them vulnerable. Even though the assistance is not guaranteed we now have a potential new ally that could assist us in the future once they grow.  Maybe if we assist them in growing their number they could be a valuable ally in the near future….