After what had gotten out that in the Silent Woods near Ruined Oak there was a weird infestation of spider-/other-animal- hybrids, the aforementioned group, of which a few had been among that group that first discovered them, make their way back into the woods.

The new group again set out from Ruined Oak into the Silent Woods, traveling on foot as it were. The first day went by uneventfully, if you do not count the fact that a seemingly empty piece of paper flew over their way.

During that night the watches noticed an odd light seemingly traveling around their camp, keeping a healthy distance. Although this may been quite nervous, they finished the night’s rest without any incidents.

The next day, they arrived at the farm where they had originally encountered those weird spiders. Deciding not to enter the farm building itself – they believed there were only the report is to be found that they left their last time –, they noticed a dog running out from the building and into the woods. After a few seconds, it reappeared in the underbrush, only to leave again into the woods. Taking this is an indication that the dog wanted them to follow, the group follow this little doggy, which kept them to another cabin in the woods. Ever since before they had reached the farmhouse, the woods had been partially covered with spiderwebs and beans had become even more dense up to this cabin. In the cabin the group found an old geezer who called himself Benson and his dog Blue, to the annoyance of the lizardfolk with the same name.

This Benson guy told the group that he had been living in the cabin for a long while, hunting deer and collecting plants, setting all this to travelers. When people asked him why the spiders had not attacked them, he told them that he had a weight of hiding from the spiders, that he knew of a way to make an unguent that kept the spiders’ senses away from him. Unfortunately, he was out of the necessary ingredients and had no more of this philter, so he asked group to bring him the poison sacs of three kinds of spider and the legs of a fourth kind, so that he could make more of his protective ointment.

In addition, he told the group that there was a pair of siblings, princesses of the spiders, Minikul and Hernass. Like any good pair of sisters, they had started fighting each other, with Minikul dominating the northern half of Silent Woods, her sister – whom he endearingly named “Juju”, and who was the much nicer one of the two, he claimed – holding sway over the southern part of the woods.

The group decided to help Benson and set out to find him some poison glands and spider legs. For this, they had to enter the wood and search for spider. Finally, they found a group of “standard” spiders for this area: two Wolf spiders – who were strange hybrid of Wolf and spider –, one giant squirrel spider and about have a dozen frog spiders. All of these turned out to be hybrids of the two animals their names indicated.

During the fight against the spiders one of the group went down for a moment that could pick up on his feet when told so by an associate. In addition, the group found that the Entanglement spell was quite effective; these spiders seemed to be not the strongest ones. The worst of the spiders were those with frog parts [which they unwisely let come too close], because these tended to explode when dying, spraying their whole surroundings with acid, which was quite painful.

After correcting those poison glands, the group returned to Benson, who berated them for not returning with everything he needed. In his time, when given a task like this, he would’ve walked to the encounter 30 miles, uphill both ways!, And only have returned with everything he needed… But young folks like this, what could he expect from them?

Even though they felt underappreciated, the next day the group set out again, finding a group of five hybrids between spiders and women, which were dubbed “handmaidens”. As none of these would explode into sprays of acid, they were dispatched with more ease. After this, the necessary legs were collected and delivered to Benson, hoping to establish a mutually profitable relationship between Ruined Oak and Benson.

Having fulfilled this, the group decided to return to their hometown.