DM: MrRazor
Team Masked Man: Thalmior, Dewitt, Azure, Surina, Korth, Equinox, Ignitus,Vuldred
Team Lightning: Nugget, Barres, Arun, Lheesi, Nim, Fenmenor, Tuwidin, Jax

A few of us signed up for an interesting sports game held by king Zix and his kobolds, named Dodgeball. Greeted by kobolds, Vuldred and myself got selected as team leaders and picked our teams, in true fashion only by the fate. We were handed out some uniforms and changed before entering the arena. There the kobolds explained the rules of Dodgeball, handing wands which were used to throw and catch molten orbs.

We put down a good start, although Arun was send to the side, I catched a ball thrown at me and brought him back into the field. Shortly after we had send three members of team Masked Man to the side, while we stood steadfast. But the tides turned and it took not long until only Barres was still on the field for team Lightning, while all the Maskes were back on the field.
A glimmer of hope befall us then Barres catched a ball and Tuwidin came back. Sadly Tuwedin was not good at catching a ball himself and went outside rather quick again. Shortly after Barres was then also hit.

Well one loss is nothing. We took a quick breather and readied ourself to beat team “Masked Man”. So on for round two.
Well let me say so much, it did not go much better, Although we showed a good start again and got into the lead, it took not long and the others catched up, and we faced defeat again with Fenmenor our last man standing while the Maskes were again at full strength, hitting him from multiple angles while he tried to catch a ball. So we lost again and I have to admit that Vuldred and his team had played quite well.

The kobolds were celebrating and king Zix handed out medals to Vuldred and his team, while congratulating them for their fine victory.