If you happened by Axe and Thistle you may see a clutch of kobolds chattering back and forth. One among them sits surrounded by various art supplies. At first glance you may mistake the large book in front of him as his spell book. Further inspection reveals it to be an old cookbook which he’s mercilessly vandalizing. His art portrays what looks like a robed wizard standing atop a pile of burning gnolls.

Some snippets of the conversation you may catch:

“We followed her back. Her farm really was under attack.”

“No, the children were just running everywhere!”

“I cast spike growth on Sixer! HA! PRANK!”

“He was just thorn whipping anything in range. It was kind of scary.”

“The rest fled. They all looked sick.”

“Yeah, it was definitely two dwarves with Talos symbols. I’m not sure why they’d be that far West but I swear I saw ’em.”