DM: Taka
Party: Rein (Leader), Snowball (Trailblazer), Tender, Jyn (Scout)

It was a nice morning at White Moon Cove. It’s been a while since the last time I left town, so I decided to join a group of lovely people on a short adventure.

We decided to explore the woods in the north, looking for interesting stories to tell once we get back in town. While staying in the inn for the night, we heard some stories about a cave to the west of the inn. Following that lead, we headed west first thing in the morning.

After a few hours of travel, we found a cave, though I’m not sure it’s the one they told us about at the inn. 2 Duergars that seemed very strong were guarding the entrance. Both were equipped with a Warhammer and a shield. While trying to decide whether we should talk to them or not, a deer passed in front of them. One of the Duergars raised his hand and set the deer on fire. We decided it would be better to continue with our journey without interacting with them. But if you ask me, someone should investigate that cave…

We headed north, and after not seeing anything interesting during the day we found a nice campsite with a water source nearby, and decided to spend the night there.

During Tender’s watch, our fire suddenly disappeared, it looked like it was swallowed by a hole in the ground. In the hole we saw a Kobold (and a Duergar that we killed almost instantly). At the same time, 5 disturbingly large flies started heading to our camp, trying to push us into the hole and steal our food. One of them even succeeded, and I found myself fighting that Kobold after I fell into the hole. While I was there, I saw that the Kobold was mining some sort of a tunnel that ended right underneath our camp, but I couldn’t chase him into the tunnel and investigate more, since he knocked me unconscious and ran away. My wonderful teammates helped me, and we went back to sleep.

During that night, we also fought a group of cultists that tried to sacrifice an innocent woman. With the mighty help of Thor, Torm and Moradin, we managed to destroy that cursed place.

The rest of the adventure was not very interesting, except for the time I went back inside the campfire hole, trying to get a scroll I saw in there during my watch. That scroll turned out to be a Mimic that attacked me.

Note to self: Stay away from holes in the ground!