DM: Seph
PCs: Tyil, Zok, Shyn, Sneks, Gaz, Birk

What a way to start my time here on this crazy little island! I managed to wiggle my way into an adventuring party that was going to set off for a short expedition. We were lead by a human named Tyil, who has a really awesome magical bow, and Zok the “Orc” (I was pretty sure he was a goblin when I first saw him but damn was I wrong) was blazing ahead for the group. I thought I’d try and be helpful, so I helped to scout. The rest of the gang consisted of Gaz the Half-Orc who is very into punching and throwing things, Shyn the Half-Elf who is very into blasting things, and Sneks the cool Kobold who is very into stabbing things! A great mix of people if you asked me.

We left town and our journey was mostly uneventful. We stumbled upon a pack of wolves after hitting the crossroads. I was so excited – the first beasts I’ve seen in this city! But ah, I think my excitement got a little ahead of myself. I cast a spell so that I could speak to them, letting them know that I mean them no harm. I even tried to befriend one, but that didn’t work! However … my party noticed that they were protecting something, and when I asked them about it, they started attacking!!

Man, I went down in a matter of seconds. It was a blur but thankfully I was brought back up. The group got into pounding, I even transformed into a bear! We managed to fend them off, but taking quite a beating in the process. We found that they were protecting a bear carcass (awkward) which we managed to scavenge for food. Gaz grabbed one of the wolf heads and made a codpiece out of it. It was an interesting design choice for sure, but it was pretty cool.

I sketched this on our first night in the outpost!

On our way to the outpost, we saw an Elf running away from Outpost guards. He looked like he was a cultist, and Gaz stepped over and knocked the jaw right off the Elf. He couldn’t really talk much after that, but the guards were awfully friendly, and let us stay in the outpost for free (since we helped save their jobs). Come to think of it, we never really figured what his deal was. Oh well! As we were approaching the outpost, the guards also brought up an abandoned mine near the outpost, which the group was definitely curious about.

Thankfully the bear meat was enough to last us 3 days, and we had a good night’s rest in the outpost. We then head off to the mines, which was only 2 miles North-West of the outpost. Inside, we found the floor to be quite jagged and not very well maintained, which made it really hard to traverse. We walked slowly into the cave, and found that there were many different sections to the mine. We decided to turn right and explore the eastern section.

The path to the North-East had a few skeletons hung with chains on the wall. As we looked South-East, we saw 2 HUGE giants, which immediately reacted to our presence – we weren’t exactly being very stealthy. At first, I was excited – I grew up among Giants! This is great! – but as I looked closer, I realised that they had no life in their eyes. Charging toward us were 2 large, undead giants. The group immediately bolted into action. Snek disarmed one of them with his crossbow, and jumped forward to steal his club. Gaz tried to use the club against the beast, but twisted his ankle instead. After the first giant went down, Gaz picked me up and lobbed me over as I transformed mid-air into my Brown Bear form. It was so cool! Tyil waved his hands and a large thunderous CRASH resulted in the ceiling caving in on the giant, and Zok’s psionic Orc arms dealt the final blow to the Orcs – preventing them from getting back up.

We thought we were safe, but from behind us we saw 2 big Orogs running out of the North-Eastern part of the cave. We dealt with them pretty swiftly though! Gaz even rode the Bear Express as I dragged him along the wall and brought him right up to the fight, as he jumped in right on time to deal the final blow. It seemed quiet after that, so we just went outside to take a quick rest.

As we reentered, a bunch of Giant-like creatures walked in right behind us. Thankfully Gaz and I both spoke fluent Giant, so we had a nice chat with them. They asked if we were from White Moon Cove (those armbands sure are useful) and we learnt that one of the giants is Doe Jr., who is the son of Doe, who had sent them to find us as Broc Lee wanted to check in on us. They were quite nice about everything, and told us that we were always welcome in Broc Lee’s camp.

We decided to explore the mine a little more. Up in the North-East, we found a dead-end, which we guessed was where the Orog’s came from. We found some nice shinies when looting the dead Orogs. In the South-East, we noticed some strange cultist markings on the floor. As we looked further, we noticed torches mounted on the walls, and a sweet treasure chest! Gaz went up to break it open with a crow bar, but it was trapped and he got shot. He took it like a champ though, and we found a nice amount of coins in there.

However, before we could take the coins out, we saw that another, much bigger giant lumbering over from the corridor to the west. It had a pet, which didn’t last long enough for us to really take a good look at it. Yet again, it was an undead giant, but we quickly took it down, with Shyn dealing the final blow from a distance! We then decided to head back to town after that, as we were getting quite beat and we also had done a decent amount. It was pretty uneventful on the way back!

A really quick trip down the mine, but it was very fun! It does seem that there’s a strong cultist presence in that mine, and I definitely think that there is something to look into there.

A quick map of what we’ve found in the mine! Scribbled this down as we head off.