DM: Calmseeker

Date: February 4th-19th, 2022 (PbP)
Party: Balthier (10), Dimble (10), Orgeron (8), Alessio (7), Rig (8), Wheeze (10), Jyn (11)

Jacaranda, one of the Phantasmagoria folk, asked us to find a sapling of the Telperion tree. We were told that someone among her people might know where to find one, so we headed over to their settlement. There, we were directed to an older acquaintance, Stormwrath, the guy who consorted with demons/devils to obtain wicked powers and a pair of horns and wings, something I’d have to admit is pretty cool, disregarding the part where your soul would be in the hands of a demon.


Arriving at the lair, we saw a frost giant just sitting in front of it. He said his name was Nifil and he wanted to speak with Argentius about a certain matter regarding white dragons in the area. Argentius claimed there was a druid residing in Elmfield named Rengamir who possessed a sapling, and agreed to bless the sapling in exchange for us bringing a broken magic mirror of his to another person in the same village called Gyomin who knew how to repair it. At that point I felt like a circus lion – I had never jumped through so many hoops to get paid before.

On the way to the village, we met a wandering minstrel who introduced himself as Biliam, and his companion, Scottius, a kid who was apparently the son of Dr. Evilus, a mad mage who specialised in creating flesh golems. I could see the resemblance, though he was much less bald than his father.

Upon reaching Elmfield, Rengamir informed us that Gyomin had been captured by Dr. Evilus. According to a note left by Evilus, he needed Gyomin to create a magic item that would give him the power to cause earthquakes, and would release him for a ransom of a million gold pieces. Not having that amount of gold on us unfortunately, we decided to murder the mage instead.

Biliam Oris



We then headed for Evilus’ mansion. Sneaking around the back, we saw a giant portrait of him and a smaller version of himself, which Orgeron defiled. We eventually found Gyomin trapped in a tank that was slowly filling with liquid, as well as the good doctor and his smaller clone, before Evilus beset his minions upon us.

After a long, drawn out battle, we defeated his goons and Evilus surrendered. We freed Gyomin from his watery prison and brought him back to Elmfield. Rengamir rewarded us with 2 Telperion seeds and a sapling. We handed a captured Evilus over to a warband led by Gyomin’s brother from the Gobaeskil kingdom, which I’ve not heard of in my entire time here. Returning to Argentius with his repaired mirror, he blessed the seeds and we took them to Treyvani, the matriach of the Phantasmagoria fey. The sapling was brought back home and planted, thus ending our adventure.