Player Log: Glen

Players: Cally, Dexter, DeeDee, Indarasul, Kepesk, Oxalis, and Ssej

The eight of us started our journey on the road leading southeast from white moon Cove until it got as close as it could to the Ghostwood marsh, after that we off-road it and decided to enter the gross would Marsh on a hunch that there was a cabin that could have  Mystery danger excitement. We found information at the cabin. After investigating the cabin and finding a pile of feces, a boar carcass, and tracks outside of it of the kobold and null variety, we decided to track the kobold’s continuing in a Southwest Direction. In our travels, we came across a giant dinosaur which we avoided and then into a river bend filled with Elks creatures who knew information so, Kepesk, our druid cast a spell and talked to the Elks about the kobolds. We learned that the kobolds continued following the river  Westerly Following the kobold tracks. We eventually had luck in finding our prey we met for kobolds. The leader of the group was named Ulta. He wasn’t quite so bright, but after some negotiations and paying  Ulta a sum of gold, and he decided to lead us to his Dragon God. This action would ultimately be our undoing the track to the lair of grimace It Was hardly a long one. It was through the fog, so visibility was not so good.

even more so now  Glen grumbled as he  told this story  for marking and gesturing to his missing eye”I still have to go to  ruined Oak and find this Te’sil  person and get it regenerated, but I digress “

As we traveled into the mouth of the cave we saw hundreds upon hundreds of black  scaled small figures which we identified as kobolds  enough to be an army enough to be a threat I might I add but after having second thoughts too late to not go into the cave I Glen, Dexter, Indy, kepesk and, Ssej stupidly  entered the cave the chanting was loud as they called for tribute to their false god Grimace  was an ancient black dragon who stalked his way out from the back of the cave  he was Majestic in a terrifying way long and lithe  he almost slithered we attempted negotiations trying to bargain for our lives at that point however I was attacked by Ssej or kepesk  I don’t know who because not even a moment after I was unconscious dying  the next thing I remember was waking up in the cave entrance seeing  indi’s desiccated corpse from presumably  grimace breathing is acidic breath on him I ran and ran  I managed to catch up to Cally and Oxalis  who had wisely stayed away from the cave shortly after we  had gotten decently far enough away from cave Ssej  seemed to appear out of nowhere his face horribly scarred with acid burns he appeared to have survived somehow we managed to camp for the night Ssej  told us that the kobolds were working with the Gnolls we don’t know how or why but my best guess is they’re building an army “as we exited the swamp we passed  statues of three rich halflings I’ll mark it on the map when I get a moment but I’m a bit too drunk right now” not long after past the statues we reached the Outpost on the other side of the ghost wood  after having figured or rather found that it had been attacked by the pure kobolds we informed the people staying there of what was going on they confirm that the kobolds had attacked with a Gnoll  leading them or that’s what I understood before I fell asleep we managed to make our way back to White Moon  Cove before the kobolds arrived I assume Seeing as this place is not on fire or mush from Acid breath or  scaly lizard people who worship dragons Gods Among Us that creature he smiled as he ate me popped my I like it was a bubble.   Glenn finished his whiskey and walked up to his room looking in the mirror at his now not only goblinoid not only a face they didn’t recognize but a destroyed one as well Scars covered the right eye or what remained of the right eye, so he wept from the left one. Afraid of what was to come that he did not know, he stifled his tears and looked at the flyer placed on a board in the Axe and Thistle tavern. He had taken it down to look at it more closely it appeared that someone named Te’sil Was handing out free regeneration spells at ruined Oak resolved somewhat restored Glenn headed out to ruined oak in search of Te’sil.