DM MrRazor
Flames of Victory: Ignitus, Kismet, Vell, Barres, Jub, Dawson
Golden Nuggets!: Nugget, Rith, Korth, Equinox, Charlock, Rig

Rig looking a bit angry talks to something unseen
Little dragon skins hold game
Ignitus foul plays, obscuring Rig vision
Evil flaming sphere hit Rig
Rig like playing sports, watching from side not so much.
Rith catch ball. Rig come back
the face lightens up a bit as he turns to the side
Kinskin Jub hit Rig fair.
Rig see from sideline foul plays from Ignitus, Barres and Dawson.
Charlock catch. Rig back in arena.
Can’t hit Ignitus. Rig out again.
Dawson weak throw, Equinox easy catch. Rig back.
looking a little confused
Rig confused from all the arena and side hopping. Rig back out.
Foul plays from others wins them round.
Rig will build kinskin team to win fair

Rig Hints

magma ball

Rig can tell, it hurts.
Dodge it.
Or if have wand block or catch.
Throw it at foul players.