OOC Particulars

Dungeon Master: Geokhan
Party: Bradwick, Cober, Caslech, Gaz, Snails, Tenfoll’at
Session Date: Wednesday September 9, 2020

Wonderbringer International Division

Katashaka Mission Report XIX

On the acquaintance and travel assistance rendered to the retired adventurer Matilda in an effort to observe an airborne variety of megaptera novaeangliae colloquially known as Flormiops and other encounters had en route

Prepared by: Cober Snek, Seeker of the Eleventh Order

Prepared for: High Holy Crafthouse of Inspiration Record Keeping Department

Prepared on: The Ninth day of Eleint in the Year of our Lord 1495

Local time is now 2217.

Matilda is an elderly former adventurer of at least some arcane capabilities who saw our notice asking for more information on Flormiops after learning the Shadow Queen had tamed some to her will and brought them from the elemental plane of air and subjugated them as a form of aerial transport. She has such fond memories both seeing and listening to the Flormiops enchanting song that she endeavored to accompany us on a sort of “whale watching” expedition. As this goal was tangentially related to our own information gathering efforts regarding the Shadow Queen we accepted her payment of a Phoenix Feather to Ogis, which serves to revive a downed ally.

Bradwick served as trailblazer for the day, but no sooner had we left the bridge over the River Mirandia engaged in conversation than we found ourselves back at the bridge’s very arch. Myself relieving Bradwick of further navigation duties, we pressed on until nightfall and made camp. During the night and shortly after significant lightning activity in the area, a gargantuan figure was seen by Tenfoll’at heading past our encampment and the following morning we found an equally massive footprint set to scale against our own size in the drawing seen below. Being the most experienced adventurer among us, Matilda estimated this creature to be hundreds of feet in height; Gond be praised it did not chance upon us in the dead of night. These tracks were followed until they suddenly disappeared in a most disconcerting fashion without a trace.

Moving on towards the diamond mine where we had last seen the Flormiops we reached the river directly across from the site when my dutiful familiar Anhinga was beset by flying monstrosities and sent back to her plane to await my summons. Quickly more of the monsters arose from the depths of the river and fell upon our party. I was able to incapacitate a couple of the water leapers while we dealt with the remaining four creatures. There were some close calls as Snails and Caslech very nearly were swallowed and flown too far away for us to aid, but we were just able to bring down the beasts in midair and slow the fall of both before that unhappy end could occur. Thus, through teamwork and not without some blessing from above, our melee oriented party was able to overcome the onslaught, but not without such an expenditure of resources as to force us to turn towards Mirandia and attempt to satisfy Matilda’s dreams and our own curiosity for another day and time.

On the homeward journey, we encountered ruins we estimated to be about 500 years old with the words Dawn Stone written in the language of the dead or Necril by the Dark Folk who had returned to this plan after venturing into the Pale from the beyond. If you dear reader wouldn’t mind researching into the stacks of the Record Keeping Department and sending me any noteworthy information gleaned on the matter I would be most appreciative.

Ever a Seeker of The Holy Maker of All Things