The Talos Dwarves, who’ve plagued our western mountains for so long, are no longer a threat. To understand the Dwarves better or seek context for what follows, please see my other works:

The Assault

Our support of the Talos Unified Resistance Forces paid off big time.   The Resistance scouts found a way past the dwarven defenses that had previously stymied our efforts.  The TURF leader agreed to mount a frontal assault while my smaller team struck at the heart of Dumathorn. The plan was set, the timing synchronized, and we soon found ourselves entering the mountain depths for the final time.

Ever the courteous hosts, the Dwarves were quick to greet my party… by sicking their pets us We began wading through cockatrice and basilisks. It was a non-stop flood of them. To make matters worse, Talos forces were being Dimension Door’ed right into the thick of it.

Not to be outdone, Chemist sent his own platoon of skeletal pets into the fray… and then summoned a large Earth Elemental to top it off.

The tide was turned in our favor but the press of bodies was beyond claustrophobic. It wasn’t long before you couldn’t see the floor due to the number of dead.

One of the oddities (as if the scene wasn’t weird enough) was a lone Kenku fighting for the Talos forces. I’d encountered him before and he’d always escaped. This time was no different. The mysterious birdman disappeared as the battle neared conclusion. If anyone has more information on this individual, please seek me out.

We didn’t pause for a breather after this melee… our thoughts to the resistance forces dying on our behalf. We downed a few potions and rushed on.

The Throne Room

Fuzeblaze, Bane of Sneak Attack

Deep within Dumathorn lay the throne room. Seated in the cavernous hall was the demonic being responsible for enslaving the minds of the Talos dwarves. We’d only heard whispers of this fiend but now we faced him. No time for caution.

The second we were sighted, dark magic surrounded my team. The Paladin’s pegasus was instantly ripped to shreds. The party scattered. I ran for the pillars lining the halls but soon doubled back to cast Greater Invisibility on Dust. We’d need the rogue’s devastating arrows, even in this well lit room, if we hoped to bring freedom to the dwarves. Oogway and I advanced up the right side as Naal and Aldwin took the left. Dust and Chemist kept to the back and rained blows from afar. Our combined might quickly dropped the ‘priests’ on either side of the throne as the demon took to the air. It was a terrifying sight.

Surrounded by crackling energy, none of us wanted to get too close. It didn’t need us to. The fiend rained terrors down upon our advancing number. Hellish magic swept the room playing tricks and drawing blood. Blow for blow, we fought it back toward the throne from which it seemed to draw power. When near it, none of our magics could find purchase for more than a moment.

Utilizing cover and movement, my team soon found their optimal positions and fought as if their lives depended on it. Not only their own lives but those of the resistance forces providing the diversion attack. Heroes above and heroes below, singular acts which deserve their own telling were common occurrences. However, two need mentioning here. First, Aldwin closed with the demon and fought upon the dais. He told us later that it was like fighting battling dread itself. The very emotions were wiped from his mind. Lastly, it was Chemist’s skeletal archers which landed the killing blow. They had been raining arrows throughout the battle and drawing fire upon themselves. Even though their numbers were greatly reduced by the end of it all, it was one of their arrows which slew the demon.

The reward for our efforts was a serious amount of treasure and a magical necklace.
We met up with the rest of the forces and did our best to aid their wounded. The newly freed dwarves thanked us and provided an escort home.