Dm: Justen

Players: Abu, Fiver, Dwaff, Xenon, Cynder, Salem, Servant

We heard that the people of WHI had thought of a way to finally stop the raining that never seems to end there. So I gathered a party to go help them out once again. Upon arrival we were told by Estara that there was a sword in a temple under the city that would “Eat the darkness” and stop the rain. Now I don’t see what darkness has to do with rain but hey they were paying us so I’m not gonna question it.

As we entered the town we found the people we in some sort of trance and believed that they were 80 or so years in the past. Promptly ignoring this and not doing anything harmful to these folk the party moved on to the temple. Inside a church Abu found a mat and decided to dance on it, promptly falling into the trap door leading into the temple.

Having been there before Abu warned us of most of the traps, one odd thing we witnessed was a harmless zombie running away from us ultimately reaching a door and turning to stone and crumbling. We reached a mural with a painting of the sea with a monster of the deep on it, Abu was terrified of this painting claiming a terrible beast would appear if we touched it. Cynder then decided to just touch it anyways and got sprayed by a stream of ocean water and then a giant cat fish plopped onto the ground. The fish slowly died from lack of air and a nearby door opened.

As we continued exploring we ran into a statue that claimed it had orders to not let anyone pass, I convinced it to enter the room alone to check that it was safe. Upon it turning I noticed it had a strange arcane symbol. Abu quickly altered the symbol to look like this:


In the following room there where a bunch of alters containing various objects, they were dated back to longer then 600 years ago. There was one that stood out from the rest, it had an image of someone pulling something, and an upright spear. I wisely pulled the spear and heard the sound of stone grinding off in the distance. The rest of the party rushed to investigate and found a glowing door, I warned them it might be trapped. In their excitement they ignored my counsel and all barged in, and the door slammed shut behind them.

As soon as the door was closed I heard cries for help on the other side of the wall, but alas there was a thick stone wall in my way. I remembered the spear I pulled and rushed back to it but I saw a horde of zombies similar to the one we saw earlier standing in my way. I turned around to find another means of escape to only see more, so I prepared myself for battle.

Dwaff casts silent image to display a recreation of his fight.

Image result for ip man gif
Accurate Re-imagining of Dwaff’s fight

As I defeated them one by one they turned into stone and crumbled onto the floor. After what felt like days passed I finished off the last of the zombies, and finally the door reopened. The rest of the party stepped back out, slightly burnt and wielding a new sword. They claimed it ate an undead in the room they were in. Assuming this was the sword we were looking for I ordered we return to Estara. She was shocked to learn that the sword ate that undead claiming that it was once her champion. Estara then attempted to clear the rain with the sword but could only do so for a short while. She told us she needed something with the blood of a celestial, infernal, fey, and something of the earth. She then gave us a trunk of jewels and let us be on our way. So if anyone attempts to draw your blood that’s probably what its for.