DM: Rasz
Players: Dwaff, Hanna, Indr, Rig, Elghinn, Vraela, Alizeh

This quest began like many other on this island, we where sitting around in the tavern and a skeleton requesting a meal and a pair of gloves (specifically mittens) but insisted that we had to get it from a very exclusive shop. So after the skeleton shoveled the food into their mouth and straight onto the chair we set off on this new adventure for gloves.

The trek to the location was treacherous as we where still in the depths of winter, but the group was bright and cheerful as they discussed meeting the great wizard or some such that they knew well. We arrived just as I was trying to keep the party’s mind on the task at hand and discussing the design of the gloves we were to acquire, but it was too late as they all jumped into a shadow spewing portal that went to Jamb knows where without a second thought. Naturally as the leader of the party I thanked the skeleton for showing us the way and made my way into the portal hoping that the party was still alive.

Finding my party safe and sound on the other side we were witness to a world of darkness, where time itself seemed to have no effect. There were glowing light of shadow floating about and I wondered how high class this glove shop was. Before I could finish that thought a butler arrived and escorted us into the main store building, we where immediately seating around a large dinner table and served a full course meal before the host even asked us our names, a true testament to hospitality. As our dinner completed, I complimented the host on a great dinner and apologized for my party members lack of manners; but as I turned my attention towards to walls I noticed they were in stark contrast to everything else provided to us thus far: completely barren and devoid of any decor. I brought up this alarming bit of news to the host and they were grateful for my suggestions, in return they offered advice for sleeping in the store, which is a strange concept but putting that aside, to do this one would only need to eat one of the floating lights around which he called “Sols”.

The host then clapped their hands and quickly ushered the party of out the room claiming they had entertainment available, but it was no doubt to spare any further embarrassment from the lack of decor. We were then led into a grand amphitheater and the host allowed us to choose our seats, and as I think of it now we were not offered refreshments I’ll have to remember this for the next trip to this grand glove store. Then a bunch of what looked like monkeys surrounded by shadows entered on stage and began to fight to the death. I was obvious aghast as this terrible sacrilege of the theatrical arts and politely suggested that our host instead choose to display a play instead. The host responded with confusion and admitted they were ashamed to not be aware of this form of art, so I offered to display my theatrical expertise and put on a play for our host at the cost of just one pair of his stores mittens, the host was no doubt overjoyed at my generosity and accepted; we immediately got underway with preparations.

The choice of play was simple, one of my many past adventures as all were great stories of daring and adventure. As there were many choices, it took most of our time to pick just one. Some of the party planned to rest during this time but found that they could not, and chose to not eat some of the Sols stating they had some sort of moral objection to this. Finally I made the final decision after hours of debate and chose the time I stole a ship from pirates. After this set up was simple, we had our spell casters for special effects, half the original party there, more the enough to fill the missing members, Vraela for the music, and Hanna to do everything else. After a little bit of practice we where ready to put on a show, which was expertly recreated by Hanna.

After a lengthy standing ovation from the crowd the host arrived and shook my hand with tears coming down from their face, or at least hope it was tears as the host had no eyes, and was handed a large chest filled with gems and coins no doubt as thanks for bringing them a new form of art. We were handed a large creature, I was too embarrassed to show them their mistake as we were here for a pair of mittens so I simply thanked them and we returned through the portal.

The skeleton thanked us profusely and said this was exactly what he was looking for, saying this would brighten the wizards spirits. I simply told him it was all in a days work and we returned back to the tavern.

The trek back to the tavern was treacherous as we were in the downpour of early spring, but the group was bright and cheerful as they discussed the returning health of the wizard. We returned back to the tavern with our hearts filled with pride knowing we brought art into a new land.