Dwaff is once again telling a story to all who will listen at the Axe & Thistle tavern.

“Well, it was just another day really. I had gotten bored of just sitting around waiting for winter to end, so I gathered a group to show them around the Underdark. Simple matter really, I’ve been there many times. I also of a place that some of my old dwarf friends used to live as well, so I took my gathered party and we went off to my old friends place. When we arrived I was shocked to find that the entrance to their home had very old signs of an attack, clearly my friends had been sieged. I urged the party to rush forward to discover what had happened, we were clearly too late, the home had been ransacked and it had a horrible insect infestation.”

Dwaff gags a little

“Ugh, those things would not stay down! Hit em over and over but they just refused to die! Damn cockroaches, well I exaggerate they did die eventually.”

He clears his throat and takes a long swig of his ale

“Well anyways after I dispatched the bugs I ordered the party to search the house for any signs of survivors. As usual though, while they were investigating the bathroom for some reason I heard my dear old friends voices coming from their dinning room. When I opened the door though, it turns out they were ghosts! Now mind you in my experience there is no such thing as a good ghost, so my old friends must have done something terrible to come back from the dead. I asked them what happened and they explained that they had lost their son and where looking for him, although they were fighting a lot between each other the entire time as they attempted to explain the situation.”

Dwaff sighs as he takes a sip

“Well I left them arguing while I explored further; a couple more empty rooms I discovered a library in it there were many books on the topic of turning people into slave golem type things, not really my line of expertise so I handed it off to the mages of the party. I knew there was something off in this library and sure enough after I moved one of the bookcases to the side I discovered another room, and in that room there was a sarcophagus. This was probably my old friends son, and they had done something horrible that turned them into ghosts and left him dead, I told the party that we should leave and inform the ghosts so they could move on. But my parties greed got the better of them, before I could stop them they had cast magic at the coffin, opening a crack and they stole some sort of feather thing. I warned them this would anger the ghosts and angrily told them we have to leave before they noticed something was wrong.”

Dwaff chugs the rest of his drink, then sighs staring off into space

“Well, after that we simply went home. Shame that the sanctity of the dead is not respected here.”

Dwaff gets off his chair and wanders out of the tavern, a mournful look on his face