DM: aDragon

PCs: Dwaff, Indr, Cauvin, Tomas, Harroc (Elginn)

Dwaff is sitting at the bar sipping a drink as he recounts his story of taking over a pirate ship single handedly

    “It was a dark and windy day that first morning, the wind was so strong that it took all my effort to meet up with my crew, a bad omen. When I finally arrived the crew was something I could be proud to lead to victory. There was my grizzled navigator Naal, who expertly drove the ship under my command. Then there was Cauvin and Tomas these two stuck together throughout the trip, Cauvin the crack shot with a sling took down 2 pirates before they knew they were in a fight, Tomas who dived into the melee with no care for his own safety just the victory after the battle. There was Bikil and Harroc, who at first I only assumed that Bikil was a stray that one of the crew picked up but later found that it was a ferocious beast accompanied by a fierce kobold. Finally there was Indr a tiefling dressed in bright blue, she’d wielded powerful magics and cracked the pirates mast with a sharp sound.”

Dwaff takes another sip

    “So! After a good haggle with the dockmaster I convinced him to drop the price of the crew for a share of the spoils, a small share though” Dwaff winks “The wind was against our favour at the outset of our journey, another bad omen, and I had to command the crew to get out the oars and get to work. This is where we got our first view of Harroc, he got out of the pouch he was hiding in on Bikil and attempted to assist the crew in rowing the boat. He ended up getting thrown off Bikil by the weight of the oar alone.” Dwaff lets out a muted chuckle “Well as we kept going, a giant four armed fish folk came out of nowhere and boarded our ship. Tomas who had been keeping watch didn’t flinch and struck the creature immediately, followed by Cauvin getting a clean shot with his sling right between the creatures eyes. Then as the creature is reeling Harroc springs out of his bag and stabs the creature in the side over and over, while Bikil gnaws into the creatures side. I bet the creature regretted climbing onto my boat, Ha!” Dwaff takes a large gulp of his drink “Now where was I? Right! After seeing the heroic attacks by my crew, I ordered the rest of the lazy bones to help out as I dove into battle myself. With the combined might of my crew the beast was slain, as the deck shook when the monster fell over. As none of the crew was feeling like having fish-man steak that day we kicked it overboard. Immediately after the body was attacked by two massive snakes! I commanded to crew to get us out of there as fast as we could just barely being crushed by the coiling bodies fighting over their dinner” Dwaff takes out his pipe and lights it up and gives a good puff

    “As we continued on, I tried to get some of the crew into a good game of dice clearly they were scared to break naval social structure and engage in social activities with their captain.” Dwaff sighs loudly “Well I could get at least one of them to pass the time with me. As night fell I commanded we continue on to sail stealthily and avoid unwanted sight, but with Naal busy finding our way by using the stars and most everyone else sleeping some creatures of the deep snuck onto the deck and grabbed Harroc right out of his bag. In the commotion we all woke up and ran to help, Naal heroically took out two of the creatures and wounded the one holding onto Harroc, but it was too late the creature dragged Harroc under the water, Harroc and the creature trading blows as Harroc attempted to free himself and the creature dragged him deeper into the depths. Both Tomas and I dived into the water to save him from the cold, but as we reached him his life had already passed. We dragged him back onto the deck and honored him as a warrior, we put him on a smaller boat loaded with his things and set it alight drifting off to the unknown.” Dwaff gives a moment of silence

    “As we continued that night, voices in the dark spoke to us and claimed we were trespassing in their waters. They demanded payment to continue to pass safely, a corpse of one of our crew, I scoffed at their offer and showed a little of my power and they ran off.” Dwaff clears his throat “I wouldn’t attempt this unless you have me on the ship, although I did not see them I could tell they are powerful if you should run into these avoid them or give them what they want.” Dwaff gets back into his relaxed position taking a sip of his drink and a long drag off his pipe “Just as the night finished a sea crone came up out of the water and called herself Drowning Daisy and asked to come aboard, I politely told her no and ordered the ship to keep moving.”

    “As we continued north of White Moon, the wind finally caught our sails, a good omen finally. We noticed a sea elf lazing about on a raft. I asked what he was doing and he replied he was enjoying the weather and the sea, an odd lad to be sure. I asked him if he wished to join us on journey, he accepted. We continued forward through the night, the crew happy to no longer need to row. But just as we assumed we were safe our spotters saw a ship sailing in our direction. I ordered the crew to ready up incase it was a pirate vessel, and sure enough as soon as the ship spotted us it redirected to head straight for our ship. I quickly ordered battle stations, and ask our new sea elf friend to muck up their rudder, which he all too happily dived into the cold waters and swam over.” Dwaff taking a quick sip of his drink then leaning forward in the chair “Just as they got in range it was bolt after bolt, our ship barely holding together under fire, we braced as I ordered Naal to drive the ship straight at them. That’s when we noticed that their boat started to spin out of control and I knew my plan had worked and Elghinn had messed up their rudder. We charged forward as they struggled to maintain a heading, Indr launching spell after spell, Cauvin pelting the pirates and taking them down in clean shots. We finally got close enough to board, and together with Tomas we jumped onto the ship fighting off the pirates one by one until it was just me and the captain, who Elghinn had been fighting off alone this whole time but was on his last legs. He laughed at our attempt to take his ship claiming he had fought off plenty of ‘so called adventurers’ before. It was a hard fought battle, the pirate captain and me trading blow for blow. Until suddenly he made a mistake and tripped just a little, barely noticeable to the common eye but with my skill I spotted the weakness and took my chance to strike. The captain fell with one quick jab to the heart. The crew cheered at our new found ship, I began to order the crew to move supplies to our new ship and Indr magically folded up the old boat and packed that away as well. The crew desperately wanted to continue the adventure on our new ship see what else we can take, but I know when to cash in my chips. I ordered us to turn around and head home. With our new found luck the waters where calm and nothing bothered us on our sail home.” Dwaff finishes his mug and goes for a couple of drags of his pipe while he waits for applause