Luger the blood hunter came to me in the tavern begging me to gather a group to go attempt to save his people from a great curse. I of course accepted right away and gathered a talented group to assist me in curing Luger’s town of this curse.

On the way to Luger’s town, we ran into a halfling who was completely naked shouting gibberish. We attempted to calm him down but he jumped off the nearby cliff, after our attempts to heal him he woke up screaming and ran off into the forest. Upon investigate I found that he was holding a bag filled to the brim with hallucinogenic mushrooms, I believe Chemist took them for his experiments.

After teaching others how to walk on water, we crossed the river on the way to the town. On the other side we ran into many patrols, Luger stated these were his people but mind controlled somehow. He then scouted the castle area and mentioned fire damage to the castle, but otherwise the area is well guarded. He also mentioned secret entrances to the east and west but that the eastern tunnel had collapsed, the western one was in a cemetery with a farm on the way.

We went to the farm to find many of the buildings destroyed and the farm house surrounded by pig like things, Luger asked us to distract the pigs so he could look inside, killing the pigs was easy outside that some of the party took hits that caused them to start bleeding and become poisoned. After the fight we investigated the creatures and they seemed to have been put together from many different bodies.

We then went inside the farmhouse and found many wounded and tired people, wasting no time I healed them. Grateful they told me they were hounded by a giant pig thing that was demanding tribute. I planned a trap to kill the creature quickly, when it came to execution I found the trap was not necessary as I alone could handle the creature. Words can not do the fight justice, as Dwaff casts Silent Image accompanied by minor illusion for audio.

Accurate depiction of Dwaff fighting the giant pig

After my display of expert martial prowess the giant pig exploded covering the party that was lying in ambush nearby in pig guts, but thankfully leaving me clean. After this the people living on the farm claimed they could hold their own for a while so we decided to return home to share the tale of what I found.