DM: MrRazor
PCs: Yosi, Teddy, KuHan, Turin, Gortan, Rig

Walking along the street, Rig is turning his head from left to ride
Evil things in Forest. Rig set out to slay evil
Yosi good eys. Yosi plan a lot.
holding still for a moment, Rig turns around answering something not seen behind him.
Rig not sure. Ratskins fought pigskins?
Ratskins evil but ratskins weak. Rig strikes, ratskin falls.
Others took ratskin captive. Rig would have slay ratskin
continuing his walk, talking to the air before him, Rig looks serious.
Ratskins sneaky and mean. Other ratskins hard to hit.
Rig help Yosi but Yosi scared. Rig not. Rig fight.
Rig pauses for a second and continues with a sad face.
No no Rig could not help. Torin dead, Rig to late
Cave go deeper. Rig come back later.
Rig revenge Torin. Rig slay all evil ratskins

Evils to hunt

puny ratskin

Puny, easy to slay.
Stronger with allies.

evasive ratskin

nasty and hard to hit.
Stronger with allies.

poison ratskin

likes poison. throws poison gas.
knife also poisoned.
Also hard to hit. Stronger with allies.