A strong scent of herbs and greenery reaches you as you unfold the log, painted black then went over with a light green ink seemingly made from some plant.

My first expedition upon this new land, my first excursion to the wilds I sought. Two humans, David Smith, and Manek Gjern, joined by a Dragonblooded Omog, a Dwarf called Grimlock and an odd sea-dweller, IronDonker. Joined by this party which our party chief, David, brought together, we listened to a comon hunter about smoke coming out of a cave which other adventurers had previously cleared.

Understanding that this was strange, I volunteered to scout ahead, and we made our way north from Ruined Oak town.

The path taken.

Our journey was short, but not quick.
On the first night watch, I left camp to inspect the passing of large creatures nearby, finding myself sneaking upon a pack of Elephants.

Using an odd drawing-style, Xell attempts to make-out what he saw

Not wishing to clash in the night with such large beasts, and knowing my own limits as a hunter in this new world. I left my shadows and showed myself, taking a friendly stance, keeping myself low and small and unintimidating as the creatures seemed already spooked. Casting magiks so I may speak with them, I made it clear they were not my quary, and offered food in exchange for information.
Through gestures and sounds, the pack leader made it clear of the danger that awaited us North. Relaying this back to the rest of the party, we continued our sleep, only to be suddeny re-awoken by a rain of empty insect pods.

Moving our camp and finishing our rest, we then continued north when two massive beasts began rushing in our direction in broad day-light. Recognising them as herbivores, I told my party to steer clear of their path, knowing the raw charging power many of them possess. Yet, it was daytime, and they were escaping towards us. It was too tempting a hunt to deny myself it.

Leaping with rope in-hand, I attempted to grapple to the beast’s side and climb, but I was too slow, ending up in the dirt as both creatures now came to surround me. My party dove right in, and the clash commenced between hunted and hunter. At times, I was confused as to what was hunting what, as I attempted to encircle one of the beasts, the other struck out with its tail, planting me into the dirt like a right good potatoe. As we struck the ferocious herbivores, we noticed that its skin oozed a poison back at us, making it harder for us to land our attacks.
Almost having casualities, we managed to clear the beasts with one unconcious monstrosity. I studied the creature, but deemed it untamable, as such giving it a quick and clean death.
Tired, broken and worn out, we settled into a short rest before moving on to the cave proper.
Finding the entrance was easy, but then as we approached the smoking cave, a massive scorpion fiercly came at us.

Everything here-on went right to shite. As another smaller scorpion appeared, then two cultists with tattooes of the creature, we surrounded them and were victorious, but alas, Manek fell. And as he lay fallen, the small scorpion made it its dying journey to take him with.
Throughtout this excursion, we butted heads, but a fine warrior, is what he is. The Dwarf attempted to scout out the cave, but the smoke was too much and he only made it out with some artistry. Taking the fallen Manek with, we returned to Ruined Oak, only to find out that the poor lad had forgotten to write a will.