DM: MrRazor
PCs: Shiisthel, Warden, Vuldred, Yog, Runt, Euphrix, Jax

With superior speed and on horses we traveled north along the Briarwall to find the exotic breeder, we heard of roaming somewhere on the north side of the Briarwall Forest, as we could use his help with Shiisthel’s Breeding Den.

While traveling we came across two hooded figures wandering north, on a little closer inspection they seemed to be doing a very standard baptism ceremony, so we just moved along. The sun was shining. It was strange as I was still had no shadow, the thing those demons did last time seems to be more permanently then i had initially thought. I might have to accustom to the fact of having no shadow anymore. 

Further on the way we came across a rest side. It looked very well chosen and any tracks were skillfully covered. Vuldred still was able to found half a foot print with a half moon mark. It seemed we were on the right track, moving along we had a really good meal and searched for a campsite. The night went by peacefully.

Reaching the area the breeder was expected roaming on the next day, we found a little campsite but it looked quite old. Shisisthel saw some movement out of the air so we moved further north towards it finding an other campsite, this one was very recreantly used and again on a very good spot, made by someone skillful.

Warden gave a very inspiring speech as we approached, searching for more tracks, I found more half moon marked footprints. Warden spoke out to whoever might be here make notice of himself and after a few silent moments Mikhael Dundeera, or Mik for short, stepped out from the trees. We found the Breeder we there searching.

Shiisthel told him we there searching for him as he was known to be a great hunter and breeder and we would like to offer him a job at Shiisthel’s Breeding Den 
Mik was tracking “something” and could likely need some help. He was hesitant to tell what exactly it is. It seems to be dragon-like but not a dragon and has many legs. He tracked it here to the north in hoping getting one of its eggs, as he thinks he would not be able to hunt it by himself. he believed it to nest somewhere to the north in the mountain region.

Mik agreed to accompany us, leading us but not to fight only to show the way. We reached the mountains and let our horses stay a bit behind in safety, Only Shiisthel’s pegasus came along. Mik said his farewell stating he would meet us in Ruined Oak if we return. He whished us best luck and we moved towards a cave as 2 earth elementals appeared

We quickly disposed the earth elementals without any trouble and entered the cave.
Inside the cave Vuldred spotted ahead. We came across a large opening and as we roamed a bit in it a huge behir came down from the ceiling and attacked. That must be the creature Mik was talking about, we defeated it, although Yog got swallowed. But he was able to carve his way out of its dead body. We digged out one big egg and some gold.

I was tending Yog’s wounds and after searching the cave for a little bit, we were¬†moving back out to our horses and towards the campsite there we encountered Mik.¬†After an other peacefully night we moved on in the morning towards Ruined Oak, to bring the Behir egg to Mik. It was still weird having no shadow and Vuldred was also curious if my shadow would be gone for good.

We encountered a group arguing with a man as we moved closer and they saw us and our equipment they quickly moved away. The man, Jonas, thanked us for helping. He is a druid searching for herbs and wanted to get inside the Briarwall Forest.
We told him about the opening to the south but warned him about the drow and mentioned he should visit us in ruined oak if he needs something.

The next night was a bit disturbing as black tentacles came out of Yog, but other then that the night was quite. In the morning Euphrix mentioned some fire in the night, approaching we found a burned body and tracks of like 6 other humanoids. This might have been the poor druid Jonas, we encountered earlier. We gave him a burial and decided it was more important to bring the egg to ruined oak, instead of following the tracks and risking the egg.
As the sun rises over the horizon, i was happily surprised, my shadow had returned. I have to say the last 8 days without a shadow there strange. Although i got a little used to it at the end, i’m happy it is back.

Just before town we saw some large, lizard like, winged creatures, they did not spott us and we there fast enough to avoid them. We met Mik out of town and told him about our encounter. He agreed to settle in town and work as a breeder as we gave him the egg.