DM: Tam

Party: Snails – Leader, Wenbul – Scout, Quinn – Trailblazer, Caslech, Trent and Till (me)

Objective: Explore around the newly found portal.

Off The Boat

Almost as soon as I arrived off the boat a group of adventurers was in need of a replacement for their falled friend. I think I noticed them put the name Jarnek on the wall. I agreed to go with them since I came here to further my enlightenment. They told me that travel by a strange portal would be the only way to get to where we needed to go. They loaded the stones and told me to jump through…

The Lapendi Plains People

After I nearly died by traveling through the portal to this jungle ziggurat we set out west and left the jungle. In this plains we came across two hunters. Quinn took to the skies while Snails began diplomacy. In their reaction they shot at Quinn, but soon after talked with Snails. We found out the area around the portal is very dangerous and there is Lizard and Snake people in the jungle and many dangers and tribes on the plains. After a few more minutes of talking both parties went their separate ways. As a party we decided to leave the exploring for the more experienced and head back to the portal.

A Parting Gift

Our way back to the portal was seeming clear until Wenbul spotted a large beast coming our way. He said it was a dinosaur… a something rex. I was in too much awe to hear him correctly as it charged towards us. Snails and Trent took to the front lines as Caslech, Quinn and myself took up ranged positions. We landed some ranged attacks as Snails hit and ran. Wenbul transformed into a panther and charged in only to be met with a vicious bite as the beast grabbed him in his jaws and knocked Trent out with a tail swipe. I quickly healed Treant as Snails positioned behind and cut the beast down with a final slash from his scimitar.  We each took a giant tooth as a prize and slept for the night before returning to the portal and back to White Moon Cove.