DM: Grumpy
PCs: Treylan, Isaac, Wulfgar, Harper, Euphrix, Zalika, Jax

While visiting the new tavern in Ruined Oak, i heard Wulfgar was gathering a party for some exploration, I quickly approached him and offered my skills, which could be especially useful if we want to cross the river. 

We mad our way out of town and to the south, then we saw a huge two headed giant bathing in the lake and slowly moving south. We decided to follow him and crossed the river to the south to see what he might be up to. As we there getting closer we could saw that it was some kind of two headed frost giant and that he was not so happy to se us as we had hoped. He charged us and put down Zalika in one clean hit. We got some healing into Zalika and stood our ground, while fighting it seemed the giants wounds did close again. When seeing this, some of us used some fire skills so that he kept bleeding.
After some impressive hits from Treylan we finished that giant and his weapon partly made out of a glass-like material, began melting, leaving only the huge obsidian part.To hefty for us to carry anything of it we continued on. during our rest we saw that a giant snake approached Treylan’s horse Vakur, while we there still in that magic hut from Isaac, just getting a glimpse of that snakes gaze, stunned some of us, and the others there also not able to do anything. we saw how it swallowed Vakur and moved on.

Our second day of travel was uneventful, but while searching for a place to put our camp, I found a huge stone circle. Isaac studied that circle for a bit and said it was some kind of arcane circle that is affecting magic in it similar to wild magic, but probably slightly different. We still decided it would be saver to camp outside of the circle.
In the morning Isaac begun to study the circle more, after a while, Euphrix said he wanted to try something and prepared to cast a firebolt at one of the pillars. we quickly moved away from the circle.
Then suddenly some green energy moved through the circle and two young green dragons there summoned inside, a bit confused. At the same time, a Fireball exploded around Euphrix. Wulfgar approached the dragons and intending to greet them and maybe help them get back to where they belong. The dragons thought otherwise and especially after seeing Vakur charged us, one of them breathing his poison on to Wulfgar. Isaac summoned some sort of little sphere encapsulating the dragon near Wulfgar, while we focused onto the one who killed Vakur. Treylan avenging his friend did some great strikes against that beast. While we there fighting the dragons green lightning, as we saw it then they there summoned went through the dragons. Suddenly the little sphere exploded containing a huge lightning explosion and the encapsulated dragon disappeared. we struck down the remaining dragon and he exploded in green lightning the moment he fell.
We rested a bit and used some healing while Euphrix looked ashamed on the ground, feeling bad for that he did.

Isaac spent the rest of the day investigating the circle carefully a bit more while suddenly a huge explosion happened near the mountainside to the southwest. Deciding we should investigate this we headed in that direction in the morning. We found a shattered tower that was inhabited by some worg-riding orks. we prepared an ambush on them but could hear them talk about a counter ambush on us from a second force. One of the orks, riding his worg left the fight as soon as we started the ambush. While we easily managed the orks and left over worgs in the tower, Isaacs familiar discovered 3 huge ogres that came charging towards us. i reminded the group that I was in no way able to out run those monsters, so we quicly killed the remaining orks and prepared for the incoming ogres. Isaac was able to knock one of them temporarily out and we manged to defeat them with some good focus.

Quickly scrambling the area for valuables we then went back, pushing a bit through the night so we would be away from the fight if more orks would appear.During my watch a caravan crossed our path, not seeing us, since we there in Isaac’s magic hut. I let them pass since i did not want to stop our rest and could not see what kind of caravan it might have been. Then we woke up again Isaac and Traylan where gone, tracks leading the way the caravan went. We went after them and discovered that they had followed the caravan with the help of Vakur under the effect of haste. The caravan had some interesting magic Items to offer but not much Isaac or Treylan could afford to buy. feeling bad to have left us alone and wasted Traylen’s time interrupting their rest, Isaac found a good deal and got a magic shield for only 500 Gold. The rest of our way back to town went by uneventful, we walked over the river again and since Treylan had no real use for the shield, because he liked the one he already has, I offered Isaac the 500 Gold for the shield.

That was some interesting trip, we should explore that area more in the future.