PbP – Through the Frost of Winter – January 28, 2019 2300
Let’s pull a farm or two out of it’s slump, get these things up and running.
PC’s: Cynder, Alabas, Cauvin, Tomas, A’renae, Indr
DM: Nastaris

Long ago, in a far off land covered in snow, there lived a girl named for the frost that covered the landscape. This girl learned at an early age that the living were there to be playthings of the gods, frozen playthings. She then spent a lot of time moving beyond that idea, because her mom was clearly not a nice person.

Of course that is a story for another day in another place, this tale takes place in a different land. One not so accustomed to snow as the girl’s first home, but still safe underneath a blanket of ice.

Twas a night unlike any other, on this fair Midwinter Night – a day of special importance to the girl due to it being the only really Nice holiday that her goddess, Auril, holds – filled with ice huts and glass making, rampage and clay baking. A group of 6 went off to aid a farm stuck in the cold, adventurers all turned crafter per insight, all told. In need of access to the forge that was presented, the farmer/glassmaker a path had requested. With mighty fires did this path get melted free, all the way over till a cold forge did they see. “This cold will not do” the girl agreed with her group, “I have an idea, we must make a hoop. One made of ice bricks we’ll form from the snow, with those we’ll keep the heat in for the glass we shall blow.”

As the group built their hut of ice and snow, the girl sang a memory from when she was home. A long lost memory, of a girl in the cold, with the warmth of her family, her friends, and her hope.

Sang by Indr while the group made an Igloo

The man made of sand, A’renae his name,
Moved the sand magically, just as his fame
He gracefully planted it into the forge
And swirled it continuously so it melted the same

A girl made of fire, caused the flame to engorge
To make sure that all of the impurities were purged
One sheet then two, completed them freely
So later the farmer could get them to merge

As they were working, the wind became breezy
And out from the snow came the slave of a Genie
A large swirling mass of wind, ice, and snow
It tried stopping their progress but ended futilely

Just as the creature was brought down low
A shard of a star, as though part of a rainbow
Was found in the place the creature fell lame
As if upon the victors it wished to bestow

Are we free from the rhyming? I truly do hope so,
it just seemed so festive and fitting the flow

Now our tail is ending, on a rather sad note,
the death of A’renae, now lies safely as motes

For after their work was nearing completion,
a pack of ten dire wolves appeared in the region

Each of the allies some wolves focused down,
the sand man particularly Indr’s had found

He charged right at them, his very first adventure
Upon this death island, he died as if from calenture

Forgetting how dangerous sharp teeth could be
The wolves showed their viciousness for all to see

Then all of the beasts were quickly vanquished
And good A’renae was cremated, to the earth he vanished