Daffodil entered the Black Footpad Inn after just saying goodbye to her party members.  The little gnome appears covered in blood and the remains of some sort of creature.  She sits down at a table and eagerly brings out her purple leather-bound book and begins to write.

This was my first time out on this island conducting field research and it went better than expected given my experience.  I met the party selected for today’s venture at the Black Footpad Inn and while we were discussing the parameters of our job with the individual Yarsby we heard a scream from outside.  As we exited the building, we saw a man, eating another man…yes, my first job and possibly an undead adversary!  I was very keen to study this individual more and the rest of the party seemed interested in extracting some sort of vengeance for the poor masticated man.  We persued and eventually lost sight of the individual, but we did encounter some spiders, both small and large!  I was even able to dissect a few!  My newly learned spells worked better than I expected though it should be noted these specimens were not adversely impacted by necromancy despite my best efforts.  (See drawing labeled Large Spider Encounter 1 below)

My party members were able to track the possible undead creature to a cave where things became even more interesting.    I was knocked unconscious from a spell of some sort so did not see where this individual went but I hope to be afforded another opportunity in the future.  I did not learn till later from another party member that the creature was not undead but perhaps some sort of monstrosity.  As it stands the descriptive for this creature are as follows:

Large in stature

Blue skinned

Carried a glaive

Cast spells

Appears to flee when feels threatened

Can regenerate its own health

Large Spider Encounter 1

Daffodil gave a satisfied nod, closed her book, and left to clean herself of her own blood while humming happily.