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My second outing on this island was a rousing success!  At the start of my jobs I have started asking my companions in the event of their untimely demise if they would be willing to donate their bodies to science and I received three signatures!  There was a doctor who asked the same of the party and I gladly signed my name, necromancy fully needs to be explored so people can see there is nothing to fear.

Our task was road building but really, from for accuracy sakes, we did not do any road building.  We were simply there to guard the poor souls who volunteered to build the roads.  We set off from Ruined Oak and encountered a tower on a first day that was curious indeed.  The party seemed wary of exploring it.  Probably wise as in my experience at the University of Silverymoon, very crochety people live in towers that do not appreciate being interrupted. We continued on and as we were searching for a place to camp, we encountered some goblins!  It was quite thrilling.  Unfortunately, I did not take the chance to see how goblins react to necromancy, but I hope to be afforded the opportunity for experimentation in the future.  We made our camp for the night and the previously mentioned doctor, Doctor Dexter Bonemarrow dissected a goblin close to camp and harvested his bones.  I took copious notes on the procedure so I can potentially do the same in the future.

During the night, whilst everyone was sleeping, a curious individual named Ozy entered our camp to speak with Freya and us.  I have heard of a famous warlock/bard named Ozy Osbourne, I wonder if this was that same individual.  I did not have a moment to ask as he came to deliver messages to the group.  Apparently, it was wise of us to avoid the tower we encountered as there is an ancient form of evil there and we were told to beware the stone caller…or collar.  I meant to ask for clarification but was unable to.  He also related that there is an Oni in the abandoned Blood Eye Encampment northwest of WMC that probably needs to be dealt with soon.  He then left us to our evening, and we settled back in to sleep with no issues.

The next day passed uneventfully in comparison to the next night.  A very large goblin attack!  There must have been at least two dozen goblins.  It was overwhelming at the beginning.  I took the opportunity to try out one of my previously unused spells to great effect!  Again, there was no time for experimentation as lives where on the line.  We took out the goblins or the ran way with a few lives lost on the side of the workers and then settled back into sleep.

The next day dawned and as we were continuing our road building/security we encountered dinosaurs!  Three very large creatures that were quite intimidating.  We held our own and lost a few more workers and almost lost one of our paladins. My magic was quickly used and but, in the end, we killed those creatures.  I wonder if I will one day be able to raise such creatures for my own use….this bears further study.