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Another day another road building security job. This one was a bit more eventful. As we were heading to the same area as before we found a beggar on the side of the road. I gave this beggar a coin and while Dr. Bonemarrow went to inspect cloth-covered bundles behind the beggar and then the best thing happens!  Four different undead appear! There was a big bony creature made of jaws, ghoul, flaming skeleton, and a zombie. (see reference pictures on next page) It was fantastic. The beggar was actually some sort of dark cleric. I wish I had the chance to speak with him regarding his companions, but we slaughtered him.

     We continued on and found a manor with a gate flanked by sphinxes but decided not to investigate.  We made it to our area and camped for the night with no issues. The next day we found a hovel with a burly man living there. After some curious conversation between him and Shoam, we continued. The next day during our building we are confronted by three halflings on horseback, Pimric, Janyver, and Davbin. They tell us an inn, The Clever Veteran, that is nearby. We made our way to the inn and I some incredible food! I give the inn 5 stars on yelp. The next day is uneventful but the night… Whilst we were camping there came a great thudding upon the ground and we were beset by four large dinosaurs that had huge hooked horns on their faces. They charged and poor Jinx was immediately taken out, hooked on the creature’s horn. Shoam was the next to fall as he was gored and then trampled. We were able to take down one of the creatures before the others destroyed our wagons and fled, taking the bodies of our companions with them. I know from my studies that death is inevitable for all of us, but that does not make it less dreadful.