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     Reference back to Chapter One Initial Draft. This day a group and I was tasked with dealing with fugitive that was eating people around the Black Footpad Inn that escaped us days ago. This creature turned out to not be undead after all, but a creature called an Oni (see reference drawing on next page). This is fascinating in itself because though the creature was not undead, he had the same taste as some undead.

     This creature had apparently taken up residence in the former encampment of the Blood Eye Clan which is what Ozy relayed to our group recently. We had no real issues on our way to the encampment minus a curious instance when bodies were falling from the sky while we were resting for the night. We moved our camp and finished our rest.

     The next day we spoke briefly with some refugee hobgoblins that reside outside their old encampment. We then scouted the encampment and set up our plan. Using a cantrip to draw them out, we enacted our plan and used ranged attacks on the Oni. He flew….that was certainly a surprise. Sammal was the most important person in our party. Not only did could he see the flying invisible creature and he also made a well-placed attack that knocked it unconscious while it was flying and caused it to fall into one of the houses. After that, we used any means we had to blow up the creature…and the house. We set free the captured hobgoblin king, King Fook and returned to White Moon Cove.

     My studies are progressing well, and I admit to some feeling of greediness to acquire more knowledge and spells.