Another cold day in White Moon Cove, only made bitter by the news of hearing about the death’s of fellow adventurers. So a bunch of us headed out into the wild with no real intentions. It was Nying the Wizard, Kylgore the Ranger, Kita the Tiefling, and me Ruebekka, Rueb, or Ruby, or Becky, or Becka, or Beck-Beck that decided to leave the safety of the town.
Kita although fresh off the boat had a leadership feel anout her and took charge. Kylgore was on watch for enemies. I made sure we stayed on the road. Nying shivered in the cold mostly.
About sixteen miles west of WMC we came across the scorched circles each increasing by size with a line connecting between them. We made note of this on our return as well. But then fresh snow had fallen and still the circles persist. It may be in our best interest to look into this.

We noticed that Nying was shivering because he came out ill equipped, he mentioned that his kind are hardy but Kita was invested on his survive ability. Perhaps she has seen others die. At first we had the idea to hunt enough animals to clothed them. Our initial search was only able to produce rabbits. Although I knew of a bear, he was hibernating and shouldn’t be bothered just for this. So at the fork we started marching north. Kita thought about the possible larger creatures in the woods.
So we camped next to the woods. As we made camp I suggested that we hit up the local allied the Blood Eye Clan for some cold weather clothing since none were in stock at the shop in town. We broke out into watched with Nying taking the first. Then came mine, I saw a hanging man from a tree. I didn’t notice it earlier, but that is no surprise to me. I passed my watched over to Kylgore I think. And I know I didn’t get to sleep long before our party was attacked by some hobgoblin looking foul smelling creatures and a two headed giant, along with a ghastly skin toned human. I held up my armband to notify we were from WMC. Seeing as they did not declare themselves Kylgore fired and arrow into the creature. When it did not flinch we knew something was not right.
The party scattered out fanning out behind me. I recalled Nying stating he was hardy but he was not interested in proving that, nor was Kylgore. Those stupid doody heads left me all alone. Still they had to work their way through my spiked growth before they could make it to us. With that tactical advantage the party was able to make their distance and i eventually turned into a stinking bear wear eventually that darn two headed brad started hitting on me with a giant club and axe. Also their was that pale guy who touched my bare bear butt and it drained the life out of me. Luckily Kylgore is a good shot, Nying made a lot of loud noises while Kita shot a lot of magic fire. We ended the conflict without anyone losing consciousness, that is win with those not quite vetted to the island. The rest of the night went without incident.
In the morning we decided to deal with the hanging man, till Kita got up close to it and saw how mangled the body was. It had obviously been tortured and hung up as a warning sign to those who would dare enter the woods. So we just left it to rot. On the road we saw a griffon fly overhead and within it’s beak was the corpse of the hanged man. We made it to the Blood Eye Clan village and Nying was quickly able to make his way around town without hesitation he new almost where to go. Luckily he also spoke goblinoid. they did not have any cold weather clothing available for sale but we did run into some one with winter blankets for sale and he bought one of those and whit his brilliant mine made it into a poncho of sorts. Which i thought was a cool idea, so did the rest.
On our way home we were attacked by a band goblins. They were hiding in some brush. Nyling made short work of them as soon as he made it up to the bush. And to our surprise we found they were all bundled up in cold weather clothing. This is the most fantastic thing, but he didn’t want me to help him search the bodies, maybe he is scared of me when I am a bear. So i instead spoke a healing word to stop Kita’s bleeding and to help her wounds seal. the rest of the trip was rather uneventful. Just the rehashing of the three circles in the middle of the snowfield that would be good to figure out what is going on.