Konopa | Eight | Elf | 8, Monk 6, Wizard 2
Sir_Jynx | Caslech | Human | 7, Warlock 7
FireEverath | Hillval | Merfolk | 6, Cleric 6
Rhiwaow | Cally | Halfling | 6, Rogue 4, Warlock 2
Carric | Leofyr | Half-Elf | 5, Paladin 3, Wizard 2
Olli | Tor | Half-Elf | 5, Ranger 5

DM: Geokhan

Leader: Tor
Scout: Caslech
Trailblazer: Cally

Mission: Scout out the rescue shaft to the mine the Ironclaw gnoll tribe is occupying.

Half-Elf Ranger
Expedition Leader




One of Yarsby’s folks
Building a new tavern at the Jub Jubs
Worried about Talos having infiltrated Jub Jubs




Mountain guide
Knows the location of the rescue shaft
Killed a dragon



Mountain path & Rescue shaft
The path we took to the rescue shaft
Patrolled by JJ dwarves
No sign of gnolls
Signs of Talos dwarves
Prepare for cold weather


Map of the Mines
Only shows the 1st level
Main entrance at the bottom right
Rescue shaft at the top right
Entire complex is over 3 square miles large
Not connected to JJ


Bounty hunter
Was tracking someone
Base is probably somewhere along the mountain path





Crimson Mist
Subordinate of the Yuan-Ti bounty hunter
Followed his orders
Floated off the ground
Engulfed opponents
Moved extremely quickly
Vanished upon death




Young Wind Dragon
Fondness for dwarf meat
Breathed out gale winds
Killed by Bill
We looted it’s hoard


Hate ’em with a passion
Allied with the Talos dwarves
Four main tribes that we know of
Kill on sight

The mission was orchestrated by my betters, but by a twist of fate I was made the expedition leader. Hopefully you can lead the next mission against the gnolls Don.

Day 1, Weather: Autumn breeze & clear skies
Like we planned, the group met up at the Jub Jubs outpost south of the mountains. Lots of defensive structures had been put up. Our initial plan had been to scout out the river camp but more pressing matters came up. Our group was approached by a dwarf calling himself Greybeard and we were lead to the Greystone Tavern (still under construction). We were ushered upstairs to a banquet hall and given some food and drinks before the windows and door were fastened shut. Safety measure against spies, we were told.

The dwarves had gotten some new intel on the gnoll forces. After a mere five people from WMC had decimated a company of gnolls, the enemy forces had been feeling some consternation. This materialized in the Ironclaw tribe relocating from the plains to an abandoned mine complex in the mountains. Assaulting this fortress head-on would be both foolish and suicidal, but all great keeps have weaknesses. This one’s, a hidden rescue shaft the gnolls hopefully hadn’t yet found.

Discussion was had about just blowing up the mine and burying the gnolls, but this likely won’t work. Collapsing the 3 square mile large complex is nigh impossible, and the main- and side-entrance are HEAVILY guarded. Even if we did collapse the entrances, the present Talos dwarves could just create a tunnel to the outside. What we needed was an infiltration group to take out the key leadership in one fell swoop. Shortly thereafter, a secondary group could arrive and butcher the confused and disorganized gnolls. The key intel we received on the gnolls will be on a separate page at the end of this report.

We had a different mission though. We were to meet a mountain guide and scout out the rescue shaft to see if it was still undiscovered by the gnolls. Finishing our meal, our guide arrived and Greybeard introduced us to Bill. He knew where the rescue shaft was and would guide us there. We charted our route through the mountains, the others bought clothes suited for colder climates and we set off.

A bit outside of town, Bill rendezvoused with a pair of dwarves and received an envelope after giving a password. Inside the envelope was a map of the upper level of the mine. We poured over it for a bit before leaving the pair and heading into the mountains.

Traveling safely through the day and into the evening, thanks to Bill, we see three flashes of light ahead of us. Bill quickly pulls out a small mirror and responds with three flashes of his own. We walk on and shortly meet up with a JJ patrol of three dwarves. They haven’t seen any gnolls this way, confirming the pass to be clear. They’re not sure about the foothills though, as they don’t send patrols down there. We bid the patrol farewell and move on.

We set up camp next to the cliff-face, with me creating some magical nourishment and Hillval conjuring a comfortable dome for us to sleep in. Me and him take first watch, which goes uneventfully, and we go to sleep. The night passes without issue and we all wake come morning.

 Day 2, Weather: Snowing
During her watch, Cally had spotted an old crate left behind by Talos dwarves. It contained a decorative amulet, manacles and a jar for collecting “specimens”. Bill suspects the Talos have infiltrated JJ and that this had been one of their previous campsites. We put it out of our minds for now and push forward through the mountains.

Traveling for a short while, we come upon a stone bridge spanning over a gorge with a stream at the bottom. We spot two figures on the other side, one a yuan-ti and the other an entity of reddish mist. We quickly hide by the side of the path and let them pass, not wanting to deal with potentially troublesome individuals. We move on and eventually come to the site the rescue shaft is supposed to be in.

A colossal sword is sticking out of the cliff-face, as if it had been swung into it. All of us, except Bill, stealthily approach the area. Soon after, we hear noises behind us and spot the yuan-ti and mist entity we had previously seen. Our attention is drawn however, by the large dragon rising from a nearby lake/waterfall and lunging for Bill.

I activate my ring, forming my armor around myself before firing an arrow at a gap in it’s scales. Magic flies about and Leofyr and others engage the dragon in combat. The dragon inhales and breathes out fierce gale winds, sending Leofyr, Cally and Hillval flying back. I rush into melee with the horrid drake, slashing deep wounds with my sword. The finishing blow is rightly taken by Bill, as he crushes the beast’s ribcage with his hammer.

Looking back at the others, I see them engaged with the yuan-ti and the mist entity and I rush to help. Before I get there, I watch a spiritual weapon finish off the yuan-ti, leaving only the mist monster still alive. Being overzealous and expecting more resistance, I cleave the thing in two with a downwards slash, which then sinks deep into my leg. The sudden and unexpected pain almost makes me pass out, but I barely remain conscious. 

I dismiss my armor back into the ring and see to my wound as the others search the bodies and surroundings. They actually spot an opening some ways down the cliff, scout it out and delightfully discover it to house the dragon’s treasure hoard. After ferrying it all up, we move to inspect the stone door in the side of the mountain. Bill warns us that the door could make a lot of noise when moving, but it is handled with a Silence spell. He then touches the rune on the door and says “open” in dwarvish. The door slides open, we step inside and Bill closes the door by touching the rune on this side and saying “close” in dwarvish. We then take a short breather and tend to our wounds.

Having confirmed the location of the rescue shaft and the lack of gnolls, we clean up the signs of battle and begin heading back. The trip back is uneventful, we spot a herd of axebeaks, spy some abandoned buildings high in the cliff-face and come upon the carcass of a war ostrich. We arrive back at the outpost late into the night, debrief with Greybeard who tells us more about the yuan-ti, split the treasure and retire to the inn.


Signed – Tor

Important notes:

Talos dwarves might’ve infiltrate the Jub Jubs. This should be dealt with quite swiftly so they can’t sabotage our allies or steal key information from them.

The base of the yuan-ti bounty hunter should be somewhere along the mountain path. Seeking it out could yield treasure, intel on who he was tracking and who hired him.

Ironclaw Tribe
Key leaders: Warchief: Rric Peastbasher, Subchief: Rrukx Splitgrapnel & Shaman: Kryciakk Saltfingers. Over 1000 strong and occupying an abandoned mine. They employ mostly standard gnolls, some diseased gutter gnolls and Talos dwarves.

Jagged Horn Tribe
Key leaders unknown, though their Warchief is rumored to be the most capable one. Have harvested loads of timber in the past, possibly building ships at the river camp.

Ri-Nos Tribe
Key leaders unknown, also about 1000 strong like the Ironclaws. Serve as shock troops, dishing out loads of hurt and shrugging off pain themselves.

Peltwearer Tribe
Key leaders unknown, but they are the smallest in numbers. Wield necromancy to raise gnolls and humans alike to serve them. Scour past battlefields with “corpse collectors”.