Drewid | Cober | Yuan-ti | 7, Wizard 6, Cleric 1
Fearless | Tenfoll’at | Hobgoblin | 6, Wizard 5, Warlock 1
Neal | Nahil | Half-Elf | 6, Sorcerer 4, Warlock 2
SlyOkami | Don | Half-Elf | 6, Cleric 6
Budda | Karn | Human | 5, Barbarian 5
DGM | Emma | Pixie | 5, Rogue 5
Olli | Tor | Half-Elf | 5, Ranger 5

DM: Tam

Leader: Don
Scout: Emma
Trailblazer: Karn

Mission: Scout out the Peltwearer gnolls, engage them in combat and then retreat.

Half-Elf Ranger
Gnoll hater
Strike force member



Firbolg druid lady
Yarsby’s associate
Has a lot of “friends”
Makes nice bird calls




Zur & Zer
Green kobolds
Look identical
Wearing grey armbands
Scared of the gnolls
Know the whereabouts of the Peltwearer’s camp


Raiding local farms
Gathering supplies & prisoners
Wearing patchwork hides and furs
Planning a large scale attack on WMC

Worg riders
Gnolls riding on worgs
Slip spectacularly on ice
Very fast


Gnolls are planning to attack WMC
Four pronged offensive by the gnoll tribes
No mention of their allies on the plans, why?

War is coming
Get ready
Everything is on hold
Hope you like killing gnolls

After much planning, we gathered together a strike team to scout out the gnoll bastards. The mission was a success, but I fear a storm of teeth and claws is fast approaching us.

Day 1, Weather: Beautiful & clear skies
The team gathers at the Axe & Thistle in WMC. Brief introductions are had before we load into Don’s wagon and head out to the Black Footpad inn to meet our contact. We make good time with the wagon, arriving at the inn by midday. Don and Nahil enter the inn while the rest of us wait outside. After a moment they exit, followed by a female firbolg.

The figure introduces herself as Sheppard, an associate of Yarsby and our mutual friend. She is to lead us into the forest to meet some more friends who could help us with our mission. Not seeing much use for a wagon in a dense forest, we leave it and the horses at the inn before following Sheppard into the Neathy Woods.

After walking for some miles, we come to a clearing in the forest. Sheppard does some sort of bird call and moments later we hear one back. Climbing down from the trees come two green kobolds, identical in both looks and mannerisms. Sheppard introduces the pair as Zur and Zer, our apparent guides through the plains.

The kobolds seem extremely scared at both the plains and the gnolls. There’s been a lot of movement on the plains as of late, smoke plumes in the distance, screams crying out and sounds of drums in the night. Paying them with gold, they promise to guide us, but not to fight against the gnolls. Having done her part, Sheppard bids us farewell and heads back to the inn as we head deeper into the woods.

Guided by the kobolds, we travel a short while before it becomes evening. We start setting up camp in a clearing as Don heads out to hunt, managing to snag us some boars. We enjoy a delicious dinner, set up a dome for us to sleep in and put some alarms around it.

Due to Nahil’s deadbeat attitude and laziness, I take the first watch alone. I hear some drums in the distance but my watch passes uneventfully. I wake Tenfoll’at for her watch and went to sleep myself. Eventually we all wake up in the morning.

Day 2, Weather: Northern wind & clear skies
Lead by the kobolds, we make it out of the forest and into the plains. There is an immediate smell of smoke on the wind and the kobolds get more nervous. We travel north-west until we spot a column of white smoke in the distance. Surmising that it might be a large war party, we avoid it and head north-east.

Close to evening we spot a large column of black smoke nearby. Hearing screams, the group picks up the pace as we rush towards the smoke. Cresting a small hill, we see a farm under attack by gnolls. Some are taking prisoners northward, others are carrying supplies from the buildings while others are setting fire to everything. Seeing our approach, they give shrill screeches and rush towards us.

A sleet storm appears around the house, extinguishing fires and hampering the gnolls. Arrows and spells fly at the approaching enemies as they get right into our faces. Drawing my sword, I focus on the dogs in front of me and start hacking at them. The fight is short but brutal, we finish them off with expertise. Unfortunately one worg rider manages to escape and flee northward, probably to call reinforcements.

We quickly begin searching the farm and gnolls, putting out the last of the fires so no wildfires start on the plains. The house is destroyed, ransacked and filled with blood splatters. It seems the gnolls intended to burn anything they couldn’t take with them. On one of the bodies we find a map with writing in gnoll saying “Eternal pain and suffering to whomever loses this map.”

Realizing the parchment to depict a plan to attack WMC, we agree to quickly head back to deliver this vital piece of information. Aided with magic, we stealthily travel away from the farm and set up camp on the plains. We eat some leftover boar and the night passes peacefully, though we hear drums throughout the night.

Day 3, Weather: Chilly & clear skies
We travel back to the forest and part ways with our kobold guides. The journey back is uneventful apart from a rift opening in the ground and Nahil falling in. Pushing on into the night we make it back to the Black Footpad Inn, resting there for the night before arriving in WMC the next day.

Signed – Tor

Important notes:

The gnolls are planning a huge-scale attack on WMC. Further missions should be organized to scout out their staging grounds, the fissure south-west of town and attacking the mines before the Ironclaw tribe leaves. Ask around for Don.