DM: Nastaris
PCs: Te’sil, Dan, Aashas, Ophelia, Sazrushos, Jax

the mission
Our smithy needed a weaponsmith for some time already, so we gathered to seek out and find someone who would be willing to move to Ruined Oak, working as a weaponsmith. After discussion for a while there to look, we thought about asking Ms Frizzle or Szordian, or talking with the Jub Jub. Aasahs mentioned some elves, so we decided, that this was as good as an option as the others, and headed to meet the elves.

meeting Laing
we camped at the place described in old logs and were approached by some elves, They guided us into the feywild and their village, warning us that offenders are punished harshly. We were a bit worried, that Te’sil might kill us all, but they reassured, that only the offender would get punished.
After browsing through some wares at the local armory and jewelry, we reached the local weaponsmith and after questioning why someone would come with us, he called for one of his apprentices, who he seemd to not be very fond of.

The elf did not quite fit with the others and also was a bit bored of the village, other elves and life in general. He introduced himself as Laing. But before he could come with us and help us in our endeavor, he would need to grab his Tools, which he seemed to have lost the last night while drunk. So we followed him, as he traced back his last night tracks under heavy alcohol influence. To make it worse Te’sil also got drunk and kind of lost it.

the dragon
He let us through a tunnel to a cave, and down a cliff, there lied his tools, looking quite heavy. Te’sil took Dan with a dimension door down the cliff and as Dan touched the tools some loud alarm started. remembering that there were those protections on his tools, Laing rolled over the cliff, falling down. Te’sil was somehow reactionary and slowed Laings fall. As Laing touched his tools and stoped the alarm, we heard a immense roar from above, as a rotting dragon dropped down on Aashas.

Seeing as Ophelia just jumped recklessly down the cliff, slashing at the dragon, I followed and stepped over, getting catched by Te’sil with some feather fall, like Laing before. The dragon was not alone some ghostly figure was with him, but it diminished, slain by my spiritual guardians. Then Aashas swung Sasha.
I have seen might strikes by Ragna before, but what Aashas did to this dragon let me feel almost bad for the dragon if it weren’t an undead abomination that is. With divine power just flowing throug Aashas along Sasha, the dragon fell in three mighty blows, with the first one burning with radiant energy so hot, the dragon almost collapsed from that single blow and had not much left to withstand the quick connection of the two other strikes, still burning with radiant energy.

the aftermath
The dragon had quite some hoard, a nice ring, a studded leather armor and some coins, while Aashas Sasha, got infused with lightning. Laing checked his tools and we collected some bits of the dragon, before leaving the cavern and returning to Laings house, where he packed up a few last important things and then headed back to our realm and Ruined Oak.