Dm Rasz

Heros: Aether, Vraela, Hanna, Theila, Ezhnera, Ace

Another day, another mint sprig hunted down, and another farm in need of help. We met Thomas Card, a farmer from just south of Ruin Oak, who asked us for our help in finding his missing wife and farm hands. It was a interesting group I was with this time around. Aether and Ezhnera where around with their undead body guards. Ace was itching to swing his sword, and Theila had a beautiful new bow. To my surprise Vraela popped out of the woodworks, (Songhearts tend to do so) and joined along on the mission.

It was a quick trip to the farm in question. Just like Thomas said, we could find no signs of struggle nor bodies left behind. Ace and I set up a few jingle alarm strings, and the party turned in for the night. Early into the night yours truly caught sight of a pair of feline eyes peering in from the night. I roused the party, but we wisely decided to track the creature down come first light. After a good rest with yesterday’s travel behind us, and the sun gently cresting the hills in front we set off with Theila tracking down what poked around last night.

The trail leading us to an unassuming cave, which just a small way in, had a large stone door blocking the way. Skillfully opening the door, I lead the team inside. Just past the entrance the foot prints ended abruptly indicating a trap. Due to my keen skills I knew the trap was hardly dangerous, and decided to purrrposely set it off in hopes it would draw out any ambush. Unfortunately, I simply am so skilled at stealth, that even when intentionally setting off traps, I am nigh undetectable.

Further in we found a blue lightning wyrmling in a cage named Voakut. He was quite insistent on us killing the “monster” the moment we met her. The monster being Viktoria Sharp, daughter of Emily Sharp, an elf of questionable morals and dubious sanity. Along with her pet manticore Mittens, she was a real danger to the land. Having melded the missing farmers with animals making half way hybrids.

We promptly yelled at her until she cried, and agreed to help reverse what had been done to the farmers. Richard, Julia, Franklin, and David. She would need us to hunt down a weave elemental, a creature of magic components. The core of which is a liquid of near absolute magic. She highly recommended that anyone with magical abilities not come into direct contact with the fluid should they value their existence.

Tracking down the elemental was simple enough; the creature mere existence was saturating the cave in magic. Along with the elemental itself was four spirts of unknown origins. The fight was a dangerous one, the sprits would leave a lingering debilitating touch, and the elemental it self was no slouch either. With two massive stone clubs for arms and a habit for shooting super charged rock spicks out of its body, it was a fight to be retold time again at the tavern. After the fight I prayed for the souls of the spirts, and we collected the spoils of war.

In the end we bested the creature and collected the essence, along with six weave gems. Viktoria informed us that the number of gems would indicate the age of the elemental. To wrap up this tale, Viktoria restored the farmers to their true selves. We freed Voakut on the promise he wouldn’t seek revenge nor wreak havoc. Escorted the farmers home, and encountered “Rasz’s hunting something” group there. A group of trophy hunters, who were going to leave the meat of the elk they killed to rot. With the farmers safely at home we, traveled back to Ruined Oak to inform Thomas who, while drunk, was excited to hear the news.