I was feeling a little bored so I looked around and seed some new peoples to the island. One was a human that liked to punch things called Antonio. Another was a halflings that throwed spells that was called Arbitio. And the last one was a female halfling that liked playing with dead things called Daffodil. (I am not real sure I liked her ’cause she wanted to make undeads and Kalamvore not like that.)

I told them about some undeads making trouble near the swamp and they agreed to go with me to smack them. The first day on the road we sees some gnolls digging holes and I asked what they was doing. They jumped out of the holes and I realized they was grave robing so we killed them. I filleded back in the graves and sayed some prayers to make sure they stay and not be mad about have theys beds messed up.

Later we came across a really old cat lady and her two companions. We talked to them some and they said we should watch out for trolls and one big troll skeleton with vines all over it. They also said we need to stay out of the swamp with as un-experienced as most of us was. We said thanks and moved on to the new outpost, serpent something, for the night.

The next day we were walking along the road when a troll come charging out of the swamp. It was alone so I thinked we could fight it but everyone else started to run away. It was because of my braveries that they came back and we killed it easy. We made sure to burn the body ‘fore we leaved.

We reached the end of the road and traveled a little more before making camp for the night. I tried to find some foods but looked at a bunch of rich peoples riding away and was sure they killed or scared everything away. Instead we eated our rations and goed to sleep. During the night some one noticed an old bag in one of the close bushes and got two gems from it. Other than that was a quite night.

The next day we goes a little further towards the river before turning towards the swamp to find undead things. Instead we find a small graveyard with two magic peoples fighting and one zombie. I tried to find out why the was fighting and the pretty one said the other one was a necromancer and was evils. I asked the other one, a grumpy man, why she thinked that and he said she just attacked him. I telled everyone to kill the zombie but not to attack either caster. Instead I cast held peoples spell and stopped the man from doing anything angry, and that made him really angry. We was able to get him tied up and we all started talking.

The lady was also looking for undead to smack when she sees this man making zombies from the graveyard. She attackeded him and that was about the time we gets there. We asked him why he was disturbing the dead’s sleep and he say that he not have much choice if he wants to practice his magic. Daffodil talks to him some about her book that people sign saying it is ok for her to do stuffs with theys body after theys is dead. Eventually we calms the man down and he agrees to go with the lady back to White Moon Cove to pay a fine and see if he can get permission to work with some dead bodies.

We take a little time to decide if we should continue looking for undeads but decide it may be better to head back for now. We get most of the way back to the outpost but decide not to try to make it. Instead we make camp again but this time instead of trying to hunt for foods I just use some of my magic and makes a bunch. The night passes with no real problem so we continue back towards town the next day.

When we pass the outpost there was some people there and we asked if anything was happening and they say the only thing was a lady and tied up man heading to White Moon Cove. We was glad to learn that lady was not going to kill the man like she first wanted and continued on our way.

That night we camped again and just after it gets dark Daffodil wakes us up because she sees lots of eyes and teeth in the trees. When we look around we sees a bunch of squirrels with really long teeth. As they start to run away Daffodil trys to talk to one but all she really gets is something about being discovered and need to try again later.

We goed back to sleep and when I was on watch I suddenly sees a bunch of cats waling in a line towards camp. I says hello to the kitties and point out the direction the squirrels goes and the lead cat nods and they all go that way. I spend the rest of my watch trying to decide if the magic food I was making was causing us to see weird stuff.

The next day we continue to town and seeing it was sort of close we pushed on to get there. Antonio and Artitio was sort of tired when we gets there but we all goed to sleep in a nice safe inn.

That is all, but I really wants to go find those undeads and smack them.