DM: Revy
PCs: Vuldred, Artix, Red, Nim, Elril, Jax

We were able to temporary suppress the effect of the Rot with lesser restoration lessens. Remove curse or dispel magic on the other hand had no effect.
Together with Andy and a couple of workers, we headed out, to finish the road to the Swollen Tooth. They were thankful for the food Eldath provided through me.

Vuldred, Artix and Elril saw some strange giant lama with a pink hat, eating bodies in a near camp and spitting acid. As we could not bring the working team in danger we left it alone and as we moved on the next day, a second Lama appeared, starting talking to the first one.

While the workers were busy working on the road, Vuldred saw a crystaline castle in the mountains to the north of he road.
The workers made good progress and as we rested at the mountains a snow elemental appeared, Vuldred and Red were talking with it. It seemed wanting some kind of tribute if we want to pass through the region of castle Skykeep, we saw earlier. The elemental warned us to visit Castle Skykeep and Asulahk, before we traversing around here the next time.

We decided to finish the road and visit the castle afterward, then the workers are safe, as Icy armors approached. They gathered around Vuldred, hovering there for the time being. Vuldred handed them some magic items and 2 moved away. But the third did go after the invisible Nim. Nim stepped away and made it laugh. Vuldred mentioned the third one was after something that lives. I glided down the snowy rocks towards the workers, protecting them if the elemental would try something. But Red was faster and offered him self to the armor, telling us to see him at the castle as the armor left of taking him away.

We hurried, finishing the road, but got interrupted by some Yetis. They put the workers down, but we could heal them back up and dispatch the Yetis although i got paralyzed by their glares.
The road was finally finished and we rested for the night at the tavern.

Icy Griffons arrived in the morning, wishing to escort us to Castle Skykeep. We agreed and left the Workers at the tavern, to rest further and get some drinks.
Flying on the Griffons, we had a good sight over the land and arrived at the keep fast and safe. The Griffons and a few elementals pointed towards a mirror. Artix approached the mirror, with a portal-like surface and stepped through. The rest of us followed Artix through the mirror finding many djinns and a strange mix of cow and raptor. They call the castle the Poets Palace.

We met with Red and Asulahk an ice djinn, wearing the cloak Vuldred offered one of the Icy armors earlier. Besides Red, Asulahk was accompanied by an earth djinn and an Fire djinn he referred to as Ignis. ​​​​​​​Asulahk apologized for his guards that seem to take orders a little to directly.
We traded stories of live and treasure with Asulahk.​​​​​​​ Artix sang a song about his adventures past and I told them my story. Asulahk was pleased with our pleased stories and told one of his own, about a legendary singing short sword that might be found and get restored.​​​​​​​ Ignis heard about tieflings getting hold of it from the dwarves.
Asulahk mentioned an old Friend named Falk and Artix new about that Falk fellow and how his story has ended. Nim asked about the Rot and Malady, but Asulahk did not know about, he asked for more details, then we visit next, maybe he can find information in his scrolls.

Before we were leaving, they held a feast for us. Afterwards we said farewell and until next time we are near. Together with Red we went back to the swollen tooth, not before petting​​​​​​​ Phyllys the cow-raptor, as Asulahk told us to do this or else Phyllys would be less friendly the next time.

The Griffons took us back to the Swollen Tooth. Arriving there, we saw the workers partying together with some Jester, Artix identified as Falk. We rested and headed back to Ruined Oak with the workers.