DM: Lewis
PCs: Basnai, Ragna, Thran, Naga, Jax 

A weak ago, two heavily wounded lizardman  came to ruined Oak, seeking help. Their Chieftain Otchaka had been going mad, working for the Deep Ones. Sadly The group they met was not capable of helping them, letting them die at the inns door while discussing how they could help. 

All what they could gather was that the village was somewhere on the other side of the lake. They and also other groups later tried to find the Lizard village and bring an end to the mad chieftain but all their attempts failed. I gathered some friends, I knew would be up for the task at hand and we set out to find the Village and help the lizardfolk  in need, winning some allays and putting an end to a Deep One threat.

I led us southwards around the lake, as i prefer the southern route over the northern path near the Briarwall Forest. We saw some bits of lizardfolk tools and armor as well as some blood on the shoreline. But there were no bodies in sight. We moved with the help of my magic we started walking over the river, but as we were halfway through some deep ones coming from the water clawed at us.

Basnai rushed towards me, some magic went through his fingers as he touched me, and i suddenly felt so light as i have never been, starting to float above the water, even more. This was not my usual waterwalking, I was able to fly. While a bit strange at start, I can say this is one of the best feeling i ever had, almost as good as bathing in a thunder storm was. Still it was just great I cruised around, firing  lightning bolts at the deep ones.

We easily smashed them and afterwards i flew a bit more around, feeling the air around me, enjoying how fast i was able to move. sadly it was just temporary and as we moved on i slowly sank down to the ground again, feeling the bourdon of my equipment again. We followed alongside the shoreline and set up camp for the night.

I summoned some Potatoes and enough Water for us, while Basnai found something to spice up the meals a bit. Just shortly after we lied down for the night Basnai and Nage woke us all up again as they saw some humanoid figures walking along the shoreline. As we tired to silently, to see who this might b, we saw that they are lizardfolk, two of them hooded, looking like priests, searching the shoreline for tracks. As we were not as stealthy as we fought they saw us coming. Thran was able to talk to them in draconic. we found out that they are searching for traitors and were loyal to their King Otchaka and happily worked for the Deep Ones, as they promised power.

While we were whispering and debating, how we could get some more information out of them They shattered us in ice. I reflected some of the Impact on myself through my arcane magic and we followed with lightning bolts, fireballs and some radiant energy. We were able to knock one of the lizardman out and took him captive but one of the priests was able to flee. We moved back to our camp side, where i hold up a little healing prayer to cure our wounds. While Basnai, made sure our captive was tied up.

During my Watch the lizardman came to  consciousness and started to gnaw on the ropes. I told him to stop and knocked him out again. I woke up Thran for the last watch and went down to sleep. We woke up and it was already past morning, as we saw Thran had fall to sleep and the lizardman was gone. We could find his tracks leading to the shore and inside the water.

We went back to the side where we fought the lizardmen and followed the tracks of the so called traitors. I could easily track them southwards as the tracks split up and some have gone east, probably the ones that made it to Ruined Oak, while the rest moved farther south. We came across some graves, it looked like some of the lizardfolk did not make it and were buried here.

I was so focused on the Tracks that i almost ran into some stones, as we found a cave. The tracks led into the cave and Thran approached them, while Basnai and my self started to comprehend languages. they were a bit cautious at the start, since we had no proof we are here to help them. Thran explained to them that their fellows who made it to Ruined Oak, indeed sent out help but sadly were not rescued them self. 

We offered them an escort to Ruined Oak where they could be safer. While they were still wary since they heard stories about people from our community slaughter their kin. We were able to assure them that this would not happen and apologized for some individuals, who while they might have good intends do horrible actions sometimes. They also told us roughly at the north-west side of the lake just a bit south of the river where their village with the mad chieftain is located.

I got a bit distracted as I led us back to ruined Oak and went the wrong way for a bit but we still made it, with all the lizardfolk, back to town unimpeded