Nartzim | Ou-Kan | Goliath | 5, Sorcerer 5
Taka | Quinn and Valor | Elf | 5, Ranger 5
Neal | Nahil | Half-Elf | 5, Sorcerer 3, Warlock 2
MrEd | Cade | Half-Elf | 6, Warlock 6
Wade | Till | Human | 6, Cleric 1, Sorcerer 5
Fireeverath | Hillval | Merfolk | 5, Cleric 5
Tam | Daffodil | Gnome | 5, Wizard 5

DM: Calmseeker

Leader: Ou-Kan
Scout: Hillval
Trailblazer: Quinn

Mission: Deal with the farm menace

Goliath Sorcerer
Supreme adventurer
Head Smasher




Cursed by a necromancer
Dislikes Fire
Loyal to his wife

Loviatar worshipper
Writes in draconic?




Zombie Ettin
Proof two heads are better than one
At least dead heads 





Zombie Ogre
The one-headed Ettin
Large and resilient






Too many heads
Dislikes spiky ground

Lets make one thing clear. Not all necromancers are bad. Some are just plain weird, but lack that malice. That’s what I heard at least, never met many openly necromantic wizards before, though I do have a few under suspicious for closet necromancy.

The day started out nice as we all refused to sign our bodies away to the little one in pink. Afterward we had a nice long walk up north from Ruined Oak and I learned that some people tend to sleep in magical bubbles, I personally still prefer a regular tent, but when on Death Island, do as the suvivors do.

During the night we had two visits. The first was mr. Freezeston who heard the same rumour as us, so he went ahead during the night to check it out right away. The second was a hydra, luckily the army of magical artillery we brought along took care of it before it reached camp.

We continued north into the forest were Quinn lead us toward the necromancers lair. As we arrived mr. Freezeston exited followed by a group of zombies. We attempted a diplomatic solution, but the necromancer had taken hold of my pale icy friends wife, so battle was inevitable. 

Spells were slung and heads were cracked, mostly zombie heads. Even when mr. Freezeston stood alone he refused to surrender, so the small one fired a bunch of flames at him, which made his suit malfunction.

So if you ever find yourself fighting a cursed man/zombie with icy magic, use fire. In retrospect it sounds obvious. We made sure mr. Freezeston survived before we headed inside.

Inside we tried having the bird scout ahead, but the necromancer, Dunamis, decided to approach us first. A few words were exchanged before battle insued. The amount of magic being flung around was impressive, though Dunamis didn’t get much chance to show off. 

Dealing with the aftermatch we found notes in draconic and Freezestons wife, a frozen crystal sculpture. Hillval attempted to remove the curse, but the spell lacked enough umpf to go all the way.

We returned the wife to mr. Freezeston and gave him the notes, hoping it would help him find a way to deal with the curse.

We left on good terms, so if you ever see red glowing eyes in the dark, just say hello from me.


– Ou-Kan


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