DM: Neal
PCs: Chemist, Naal (myself), Dan, Joule, Ogis, Bradwick

Undead Colossus, codename: Legion, for it is many.

After around 6 hours of moving towards the Northern coastline, somewhat South East from Xanaphia’s tower we came across the grisly remains of a battlefield and around 20 cultists. We engaged them, witling them down despite surprising ghost like undead under the command of the commanding officer, but when the going got tough he snapped some kind of staff and magic began to attract the gnollish corpses into a bone behemoth.
It lasted around 20 seconds with the concerted attack from our warband, being particularly vulnerable to bludgeoning damage, like the lesser bony undead tend to be. It’s massive sword swung with ridiculous strength, though. Enough that a couple of swings manage to down Joule easily.

We made camp and only witnessed wolves hunting some stags in the plains. The following morning we came across a dilapidated tower, water elemental bound within which we forcefully released from it’s service and we uncovered an attempted teleportation circle inscribed underneath it. Attempted because whatever endeavor they manage to produce here failed spectacularly. Moving along the coast, and then circling the edge of the Neathy Woods we came across warrens of Gnolls which we manage to obliterate explosively. Then we made our way back to the Swollen Tooth village.