I accompanied Kurl and Karash on a quick bout outside WMC – apparently there weren’t enough folk who’d follow the Barbarian outside (I get it) – particularly when he wanted to check a set of pillars that summoned demonic hogs.

Turns out the demonic hogs were false advertisement – the last time they dispatched the beast was all it took to “cleanse” these pillars which are a few hours south of WMC, before you reach the Ghostwood Marsh. Written in Celestial, Primordial and Infernal, now if you touch them they’ll make you harder, better, faster or stronger. Good for newish Adventurers if you ask my input, and since you’re reading this, you probably are.

False advertisement

Miffed we didn’t get to kill fiendish things, we decided to head over the chasm to our north. We only found spiderwebs, dead folk with cheap things and giant spiders which fell to our might like the literal insects they were. No Underdark pit, no ambassadorial retinue from Darcy. Maybe we can point this spot to her for her protein shakes? I heard spiders were cannibals. But I digress…

Without a fourth member to be able to do a full round of watches, we decided it would be unwise to head on into the Underdark by ourselves. Karash, who cannot taste food on account of the shards he’s pursuing (and who wishes for even more of those) astonished me with this decision.