PC’s: Balthier, Cober, Zintris, Me’Slash, Rae, Quinn
DM: Tam

Stay mobile, Ambush from the sides

So, Valor and I were looking at some of the armor they had available in the shop and noticed that prices were a bit too steep for us at the moment. Then we heard about protection jobs for the Road Crews, apparently there’s some good money to be gained in the lane for a good pair of hunters. Feeling this would be just the thing we needed, we went out with a group of other adventurers to help establish a the middle lane from White Moon Cove. The roadwork was slow going because it seems every few moments something else shows up.

Certain Highlights:

Giant Hyenas trying to rip me apart in the middle of the night.

A kidnapped and very angry woman, as well as her friend showing up and taking her home. Which was a little surreal.

Some strange moles with wormy noses that we had a very…… peaceful discussion with so that Me’slash could hang out with them.

After that we had to rush home but, all in all, it was a good mission.

OOC: Here’s Quinn and Valor, Tam.