PCs: Vuldred, Skark, Thran, Balthazar, Miramar, Jax

Gnomes approached Thran in the Bitter Dwarf Inn. They there upset about some group that did not complete a quest and lost a valuable backpack. The gnomes offered us a job to gather more data of the Whisper Woods and also offered a bonus if we would be able to retrieve the lost backpack.

We headed out, Vuldred mentioned that we should not use any magic, as it would anger the darklings. As i need to keep my heart beating, i have no choice but to use my magic anyway to infuse my body with lightning. On our way we came across a huge statue. Although it was broken, the bottom half stood 75 feet high.

In the woods, we got a bit lost, Vuldred and Skrak started to run away, we followed so they would not get lost and be on their own. They calmed down after a mile. Vuldred saw some huge tracks, and we decided to followed them, as we there here to collect data for the gnomes.

Vuldred scouted a bit ahead, from shadow to shadow, being almost invisible, as some strange lights floated towards his direction, revealing him and starting to zap him. Then also a three-armed, scary mask wearing creature, dragging a bag charged Vuldred and slew him with his claws. Thran summoned a spiritual guardian making it hard for the creatures to fight us for long. I was a bit surprised as my usual toll of the dead had no effect on this masked creature but I was able to heal Vuldred back up. He moved away from the enemy and started shooting with his bow, as more lights appeared zapping him. He fell again and one of the lights seem to have absorbed his lifeforce, as a healing word from me did not work. These Lights have seem to be Will-o’-Wisps. Thran quickly turned many of those undead and we destroyed the rest.

We took some time to secure Vuldreds body, as more Will-o’-Wisps. and 3 of those bag dragging creatures appeared and attacked. A lightning storm from Skrak and another spiritual guardian from Thran hold of the undead and we defeated them. it still was a tough fight almost exhausting us, one of those masked creatures slew Skrak and started putting him in his bag. But i was able to heal him before one of the Wisps could consume his lifeforce. We decided to head back, set camp, and then head back to town the next day, see if we can bring Vuldred back to live.

During our camp Balthazar saw a fiendish cat and attacked it. We heavily wounded it. But suddenly it teleported next to me and i went down, when i got back up it seemed to have fled.

We found a dungeon just north of the lake of songs. This should be investigated at a later time, as we need to head back to Ruined Oak see what can be done to Vuldred and report back to the gnomes. Balthazar and Thran put some money to raise the founds for Vuldreds reincarnation and shortly after instead of the elf a gnome stand before us.

Reporting back to the gnomes they payed us for the gathered data.