DM: Calmseeker







Day started early, Gau met new friends. Happy to be with others, some smell like fresh meat, make Gau hungry, others smell like death, make Gau sad. Gau met friends at loud noisy place, but asked to take friends to woods. Gau is happy to leave the loud noisy place, so led the way even though Gau didn’t know where to go.

We found the trees north of the loud place. Much better, smells familiar. Gau found new friends in Woods. One was tall and played with rectangles, Gau didn’t understand. Another was a kitty, but didn’t like pets. Gau likes pets. Kitty traded Gau shiny armor for shiny metal, Gau is sure friendship is strong.

Soon Gau left new friends, more things to do, asked to hunt down horse man. Horse man easy to find, smells like horse but sweet like fat. Gau found horse man for friends. Not sure why, horse man is friend too, so we don’t hunt horse man. He showed us his home. Very nice, many skins. Horse man had friend. Friend offered to hunt gnolls. Gau is making many new friends.

It not take long for Gau to sniff gnolls, we hunted quickly, loudly, like wolves in night. Gau even found new friend at gnoll camp, hyena was hungry. Gau fed hyena, made bond, now hyena hunts how it wants, not like disgusting gnolls. After many pets, Gau was asked to leave Hyena and keep tracking. Gau said goodbye and left, new track had different smell. Rot, fermented food, bad water. Poison drink that loud places always have. This was bushy metal man that Gau hunted now. We tracked to cave, bushy metal men like caves. We found bushy man deep in cave, and friends said bushy man was evil. Bushy man had bad elemental friends. Friends that corrupt and twist what’s good. But little bad friends were no match for Gau’s friends. Little metal man and his bad friends died in fighting. New thing showed up after. It had fake face over real face. Smelled like sweet fruit. Friend Dexter shot new thing, new thing ran away. We win cave as prize and enjoy our big new home. Others found a box with writing inside, but didn’t know letters. Gau helped by writing letters on stone floor. Scritch wasn’t able to read letters without Gau’s help and was very happy when he finished reading letters.

Third day Gau was told we can’t keep new home. Gau understands, but likes new home. Goodbye home, I will return. Gau and friends went back to horse home with very nice furs and clean water. Horse friends very happy to see Gau. Gau has many friends. After enjoying time with new friends, Gau headed back to noisy place with Dexter. On the way, we smelled new person in the plains, smelled like holly and lavender. New person was nice, asked about fake faced person. Dexter told new person that he shot fake faced person. New person was so happy, he gave lots of delicious herbs. He said name was Rogers, but Gau thinks he is actually lavender. Gau would be happy to get snacks from Mr. Lavender again.

Gau is back now, but wants to leave noisy place again.