Ghouls just want to have fun but... what's this?
DM: Neal
 Players: Ssej (Kage), Gau (Konopa), Glanfath (Mal), Saoch (Lloyd), Lellara (Fair), Quil (Floof)

On Halloween night, I was sitting around at a table in The Axe and Thistle with Lellara, Ssej, Gau and Glanfath when a dishevelled man wanders into the tavern.

He scoffed down a couple of drinks before he walks up and grabs Lellara by the arm out of nowhere. I was about to kick him into the floor but Lellara asked him what was wrong. He told us about some suspicious activity happening in the nearby graveyard. Apparently, there were what seemed to be undead crawling around that area.

We set out to go investigate when we came across a wolf, which Gau befriended. We then proceeded to come across a herd of elephants from which Gau befriended one of them. Only the wolf followed us along, though. At this point, we’d been hearing children’s laughter echoing through the forest for a while.

We went into the graveyard to investigate, the wolf attempting to sniff out anything suspicious. I kept an eye out and spotted shadowy figures circling the graveyard, hiding in the trees. I asked Ssej to cast light on one of my arrows and I show it at a nearby tree to see what was there, the shadows scattered from the light but one approached us.

A rough sketch of the ghouls.

We managed to kill off the 4 or so that attacked us and we pressed on.
We headed into the forest to the left, but as it was night, only Lellara and I could see in the dark. And so I pressed onwards to scout out. Lellara offered to hold the hand of anyone who couldn’t see in the dark…. That was one of the many times in my life in which I wished I wasn’t a Drow…

I then spotted a giant skeleton yelling at some children, even striking out at one of them. I relayed this to Glanfath, who followed me, despite not being able to see in the dark and only having a candle which didn’t allow him to see much…. if anything at all.

Glanfath approached the skeleton, named Jack and so we started a fight. It was difficult as he frightened most of us but we managed to take him down. With clever spells and attacks. As he fell and Glanfath took the piles of candy that was on him, Jack fused with the pumpkin behind him and turned into another large creature.

Another hard battle began, we won by Ssej hasting Glanfath and the wolf knocking the Pumpkin Jack unconscious. I think my Faerie Fire helped too. At some point, Saoch knocked himself unconscious. Lellara was a wonderful asset to all our battles, but everyone else was super helpful too. And, because Winter wants me to, he was the oh, so special spotlight of the battle, without a doubt.

When the battle was over, there were no signs of the children anymore, thus we headed home.

Until next time,