Party: Dexter, Blue, Thoradin, Tehran, Rijax, Rein
A lot of new faces showed up to help explore the marshes, looking for the yuan-ti temple.

My last trip to the Ghostwood marsh didn’t go well, so when we set out, lead by the Doctor, I kept an eye out for both land and sky, fearing another group of moths or huge lizards, but instead finding a group of Gnoll lying in ambush by the road.

Dexter did some quick thinking and lead our group around the side, helping us get closer before they inevitably noticed us. Fortunately we had a strong armoured frontline, so their arrows never got deep, and the doctor knocked a handful out, giving us a better shot. We dispatched of the gnolls, but in the end one of them ran away. Learning from past mistakes we quickly left the corpses on the plains and traveled onward.

Gnoll - 1d4chan

On the second day we reached the end of the road, where I previously saw a Yuan-ti driving a Venom Troll out the marshes. From here our search started and we headed southwest.

During the end of our first day in the marshes we found a group of black scaled kobolds, at least 15 of them, dragging a captured troll by the river. Rein went to speak with them as he understood draconic. He had quite the interesting conversation with their leader “Gav the Third”.

Appearently the black kobolds are led by “Lord Griniesh” and consider all other coloured kobolds to be impure. They have no issue with the gnolls, probably from not encountering them. They also seemed quite interested in our “clan”, and we told them about White Moon Cove.

All in all they seemed friendly and told us to visit if we wanted to learn more. We got some basic directions to their village. I’ve tried to include a visual guide, but Reins translation said: “Follow the river (east), there is a split follow the left branch, then there is a split, follow the left branch, then there is a split, follow the left branch, the village will be by the river.”

Flamespitter on Twitter: "Parsnip: If changing colours is a ghost kobold thing, how come yo--...  Keani:… "

We wanted to follow them to the village, but after a long day in the marshes, we needed sleep, and the kobolds would walk all night.

The next day was hell. The rain had started to pour and I kept getting stuck in the mud, but at least nothing tried to jump us as we trotted at a snails pace. During the night I noticed a small, half-sunken cottage nearby, hoping for a dry place to stay I woke the group and we checked the place out.

Up close the cottage was nothing to brag about, half sunken into the marsh I accidentally broke the door trying to open it. Inside it was moldy and in the basement we found a summoning circle, fresh blood and a pair of boots with feet missing their legs. All in all we decided not to stay the night, but before we got away the resident returned.

Quickly realizing the dirty young woman was a fiend, we had a talk with her. Blue tried to learn more, but as she asked where to find more people, the Doctor redirected her to Gnolls and Talos Dwarves, and she left in peace. I haven’t had many encounters with fiends before but Im fairly certain, had she not just eaten the one summoning her, she might not have left peacefully. Beware of the succubus calling herself “Red”.

From here on it was a straight journey home. We never found the temple or signs of the Yuan-Ti, but it sounds like the Black Kobolds of no name might know more. They will be awaiting a visit from White Moon Cove. Just remember to wear the armbands of White Moon Cove and bring someone who speak Draconic.

Yellow Star: Kobold Encounter
Red House: Succabus Cottage
Circle: Location of Kobold Village (probably)