DM: Tsi
Party: Ivo, Gaven, Saoch, Twiks, Tuzok

Uh, sorry if this comes off a bit rambly; first log I’ve written here. Just came aboard the island here and and wanted to help with the Gnoll War. We heard there was some strange activity over by the large strange crack in the ground to the southwest of White Moon Cove. So we gathered a team to go investigate it. The trip itself was easy, as it seemed to be pretty close by and the roads certainly helped.

Making our way into the cave we found by there, we immediately noticed that it was trapped with spike pits and poison darts. Though that did not seem to stop the most headstrong of us from trudging along in there heedless of danger. It might have been to much to ask from a band of misfit adventures to look where they step I suppose. We made our way deeper into the cave system and found some kobolds and gnolls going about their business. They drew weapons on us and attacked; cant really blame them for that one. However with some clever tricks of magic from myself and Twiks, we were able to get through it without too much trouble. Poor Saoch seemed to be a bit over her head though as he continued to get himself hurt between the arrows and the spike pits.

We investigated the area and didnt find much, but heard tinking noises form deeper within. We also had a gnoll captive with us, but we decided to press on as we needed to know what they were up to down here. Heading in deeper we saw more gnolls and kobolds working in some sort of strange workshop. They were set upon us with the aid of a Talos Dwarf. The nasty dwarf flung strange explosive runes at us; never seen its kind before. But one of them was enough to outright kill poor Gaven. I can take solace in that it all happened so fast, he probably didn’t know what happened. The Gnolls were choking off the door, making it hard for us to fight properly. It was tough but eventually we were able to overwhelm them and sent the Talos Dwarf on the run. We attempted to follow him, my Emberborn hot on his trail, but they turned a corner and suddenly he shouted something in Dwarven and explosions littered the cave! Luckily it didnt collapse all together, but it was clear they didnt want us to find out the details or be able to take over their workshop.

I am more than a little concerned about the fact that they had a workshop full of explosives the flank of White Moon Cove. Or what that means for their plans in the future. My fears were made worse by the note that we found, reading:

I need to request more materials for the production of the runes, as you know the first shipment has been shipped about a week ago and I have sent some experimental runes to be tested in the near future. As you know I need more help out here in the middle of nowhere. If you want us to produce more explosives then I will need more nimble hands and better conditions to craft these lovely runes. I am ready to be able to come back. Being out here with just gnolls and kobolds is tiring. A long with the materials for the runes I would also like some good alcohol these gnolls can barely find good water.

                        p.s. do you have any word on the kenku mercenaries we hired to get rid of that traitorous bastard red organ. I c

The note cuts off there, perhaps we interrupted him writing it. No idea about any of this, but I figure it would be good to have this information out there for everyone to read.